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Ken Swanson. This is the AP draft show. This is a live reaction to the chiefs on the first day of draft. Miss giving us a running back. Clyde Edwards layer out of lsu. It's the guy that if they were gonNA take running back is who we wanted and here to help me talk about. Him Is my dear pals. I find him on twitter at Jacob. Morley Jake you're going to quote here for a second. Yeah told you so. I believe I believe on this podcast last week. I was ridiculed on air. And you don't get to check the D. Hams either. But I was also ridiculed off air for suggesting having the audacity to suggest that the chiefs would select running back Clyde Edwards layer out of lsu. Who is a fantastic fit in their offense? And I'll get into why and what I think the chiefs are doing and why I think is really smart. Actually we'll get into that later but yeah you all. Can you know what because I'm right? You're wrong I also on rhyme. I I got two picks right from tonight's draft that really tick people off in September. I said the packer I was like I just suggested. I said your love would be a cool pick for the packers in the first round. Guess what it happened and I definitely have lots of receipts talking. Clyde being for trump into the chiefs so to fan bases who are not super happy about the pics. But I think they're both stellar picks. I think the chiefs fans are starting to be okay with Clyde Edwards aware. I know the analytics community hate it. I believe it multiple F grades. I'll who cares what they have to say. And I'm not even the big fan of the running back in round one now I've just flexing. Okay sorry go crazy. That's all that's to fight him on twitter at barley up. 'cause Jake's to his its own head bragging to introduce Craig Barley hop craig style. Hello Hello I'm excited. I'm excited Listen I thought it was funny. We'll get into some of the breadth. Vh quotes and things like that. But I want to kind of tease this one. He said that the AFC west clearly was trying to get in to attract meat. You know he's trying to turn this into a track meet guys Brett Beach. Just said y'all can't hang with our track meet like Clyde is going to come in and make this a significantly better offense for all the reasons that Kit Ni- talked about yesterday morning when we put out the podcast talking about why running back make sense or Andy. Reid and what he can do so from that regard Liz. Afc West tried to keep up. They are not going to be able to keep up. They got another dynamic weapon. That chiefs did. Yeah here's the thing. I am not a big fan of running back around one. I think we establish that yesterday and I was scared and I was scared on the livestream because I you know I think there's better positions of value that will help the chiefs not just this year but long-term Clyde Edwards Hilar- though what we've maintained for months now if they're going to take one in around one might as well be him might as well be Edwardsville there. And here's why Clyde Edwards Hilar- is the best route runner in this entire in this entire running back class and it's not particularly close and what he was asked to do is reflecting reflective of that client like he was running quarter routes from the slot against Alabama and catching touchdowns he was running a dynamic route. And he's pretty good at it. He's natural what he's got natural hands. He's able to catch the ball away from his frame very comfortable doing that. We haven't even gotten to the running back traits but the run pass rates are very good but the value of the running back traits aren't what people are aren't why he's going to be valuable in Kansas City. I mean they'll help. But he is a dynamic pass catcher from from the running back position and I think that's ultimately is true value. I that's I think ultimately what can kind of help maybe softened the blow of the value of you just make it sound like like it's such a tough pill the swallowed this offense but like I it. It is a little bit but you're right. You're right like this weapon. That's going to allow any run. The whole playbook it may Patrick mahomes better score. Eighty billion points a gay man. This release things. Look I. I don't I don't know if it's that big of a jump but I do think it helps way. Jacob picked a guy too that's GonNa step on the field from day one and be an instant intact starter. That's rare to get take thirty two unless you're picking a running back. But they picked a running back. That is I mean if you would if you would make a running back. A lab Ensued him for Kansas City. The only thing Clyde does not have is at long speed. That's it that's all he doesn't. It doesn't have what is good enough. That's the the Legion. Zoom did not get any zoom ear with him. That's for sure but he's quick. He's quick as lightning. So if you WANNA say Zoom Zoom that way sure but But he's not GonNa not gonNA run away from anyone but I think he's GonNa be that he still GonNa get you. Chunk yardage chunk plays You'll have to just be dependent on PAT on his arm. And even so you could be you know. We don't run the ball. Do Clyde could not carry a game and still be a super impactful player in this offense by catching eight passes and I think I think that's the point like I think that's what you know. I you know I'm not. I'm still going from a value perspective. I'M GONNA I'm GonNA continue to argue. You Know Clyde over its players. Low can't play corner and that's okay. His past catch value will make him a more valuable running back than a lot of other running backs that step onto the field. And that's the thing that I think people need to understand. That people need to hang their hats on from a value perspective. He might he might be able to be more valuable ave running back than other people are accustomed to and why the running back still. Your argument is a little bit different. That's the only caveat I'll add is conversation packers versus cheese game. This year of the players that played in that game was nobody who was the best player on the field that day era because not because they handed the ball to him because they got him in situations where he had advantageous match ups. And he's a good route runner like Clyde Allaire. He is very much that type of player. So if you if you hated seeing Aaron Jones catch one hundred seventy passing chiefs will hold a layers gonNa have some games like that. Here's the funny part. We hated watching. We blamed the linebackers hated. It yelled about the linebackers is one of the reasons why people are going now. You had to draft a linebacker everything like that. It Jake was Davante Adams playing in that game. No so the packers weapons were not great in the end they are joan at the end and Aaron Jones Tore Up. Now you get to put a guy that Andy Reid This this is Great Brett. Vh told Andy Reid is. He admitted this in the press conference after the thank told Andy Reid. I need you to watch Clyde Edwards. He layer because he reminds me of. Brian Westbrook Andy came back and said No. He's better take kit. You the primary greater for running backs I see happy dance over there. Who did you player? Comp Clyde Edwards. He later too so I'm just getting ready to stretch. I'm flexing compared Clyde Edwards ealier to Brian Westbrook. The Casey draft guide is a good day. Today high fits a player that meets brought up or having a good day over here a Casey draft headquarters. I mean if you think of Clyde as an offensive weapon and not as a running back just think of him as another offense of weapon maybe it becomes more palatable to you. He's not going to run the ball thirty times a game. This isn't John Taylor. You don't need to get him. Handoffs really get him going. How many times it Kareem Hunt? Carry The ball thirty times for crying out. Did he ever? I'm not sure I will look that up. And we'll get back to that in a minute. But this is like honestly. This is the closest thing that she ever GonNa get to a slot. Receiver is really what that is Jack. I mean that she's don't really go grab guys that are slot specific but Clyde definitely has some of the stuff that you're GonNa want in a in a in a slot receiver. I mean like he's GonNa run some of the routes that you typically see slot receivers run but my guys out here running corner outs. Do I mean like he is like I mean? I'm telling you this guy's route three is more dynamic than you're used to with running backs and and I mean he runs the angle route h post route Texas route. Whatever you guys call it. He runs it as good as anybody in this draft class the next evolution of NFL offenses is having a guy in your backfield that is essentially a wide receiver. That can take hand-offs and the chiefs are going to be at the forefront of that because they already have such an explosive offense in general and now they have a guy that can do that like they might not This year so you're saying that it's time to cut Dustin Colquitt. That's what Jacob Marley said. Kareem Hunt is Kareem. Kareem Hunt didn't have thirty carries and again by the way he had twenty nine a couple times. Yeah anyways content. That was my point is that that's I think we're GONNA see the NFL. Start to go but cheese or leading the sharks. You know when you talk about the NFL offenses in two thousand twenty. The way the game is played right now the way the rules are right now where physicality is kind of be taken out of the game and you want guys. I can separate you guys. That can space out defenses. And then you want a guy that can distribute the chiefs. Have all of that. The only piece that they were missing is it was running back piece and they just got it. Yeah and that's not to say the Damian Williams wasn't good player. He's still a good player. Still GonNa get to this team. I mean He. He's a nice speed option here. But here's the funny part. We're how many minutes into this podcast. We're not talking about him as a runner which he is. I mean. He's a fantastic runner. He's got excellent vision. He's got ridiculous agility. He's perfect for the chiefs zone. Heavy SCHEME HE SLIP. Jig said it. He literally perfect Andy. Reid one offense. I thought today he's tailor-made. He is tailor-made for Andy. Reed's offense he has better lateral agility than anyone on the chiefs roster anyone on the chiefs roster for several years. He has better vision than just about anybody in the last several years. Frankly I mean he's not the most like he's explosive through the whole but he lacks the second gear. He does not have that second gear. That's it's kind of evidence by his his forty time and you look at some of that stuff. I mean. He didn't test great. But when you watch them on the field rare agility. I mean rare a very good vision. I WANNA call him. Visionary it's not. It's not rare good. Good good vision. It's above average vision. I mean think of this way Clyde at Lsu you got to run against a lot of light boxes because that offense is ridiculous. It's a pro style offense to and he went for eighteen hundred scrimmage yards. He gets to settle right in to another pro style offense where he's going to see a lot of light boxes again. He can't be immediately successful. This is not going to be that big of a transition because his game is predicated on speed it's predicated on his vision and agility which are going to translate immediately O. N. contact Bali in contact balanced. Good contact balance. Yes we're going to take a break and we're going to kind of look and reset the Board Talk About Tomorrow. Talk About for our today. Actually it's going to be today for you for listening to this talk about the Friday draft. How it looks for the chiefs and what kind of things they can address right after.

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