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Never had so many people want to come to the grand ole Opry tonight then tonight. Oh, yeah. Listen, I've played the Opry, which is always a thrill for me ten times at this point. And most of them people like, yeah. If I can get a little time com. I'm like, always you come. There's no experience like it. And you go back state, but guest list is jam-packed. And I is it because they all wanna see flight girl. No. That's great. And then I'm like. No. Be why nobody come. Are. You kidding? You need us to meet her. No, I don't know. For a first time. We ever went out was when do you introduce on a first date to all your friends are all like this? Because if we don't like her right away bones. It's not gonna work. I don't I don't know. What's up? That's why I'm saying. No, no. I'm just so everybody can I come the only person is allowed to come as Morgan number two because she's gonna take pictures, and then he's going to. Thank you. Otherwise is I'm playing nobody else. Okay. I didn't ask. I know. Everybody's guest list. So we have a Tuesday coming in afternoon. She has like a six hour layover. So do you want me to say like oh say any that's hard? She's gonna talk to kids say lips are closed a human. Yeah. I just wanna be I wanna know more about you like I want to talk to her to be like, hey, so what's. On a date with her. I bring that audio back or Eddie you're talking to us by the phone doing that. Yeah. So if you miss the story, I guess a couple of weeks ago was flying in Los Angeles flight attendant were talking I was a real goober and a handed her a note with my Instagram name. She messaged me back, then she got a layover in Nashville for like six hours. And so we're supposedly if nothing happens going to go out tonight. And the only thing that I can do tonight is I'm like, hey, that's awesome you here. But I'm playing the opera tonight. So I'm taking your with me, we'll have dinner and stuff and what time should get in. It doesn't matter. What happened last time? I gave details and our listeners went and found the flight found the crew like when all up into the so no details. You'll be like why do you blur out people on your story sometimes well because of things like that I don't need people's personal lives jumped into by. She didn't ask for that. Right. So do you pick up from the airport? All these details will be shared tomorrow. So what do I say? Like, I've heard a lot about you, are you. Okay. Sorry, bobby's never talked about. You don't know who you are. It'd be fun. Listen. Here's the problem. The problem is I shouldn't have a problem ahead of it. Right. Why would you? This is me what I do in my head ready. I it's like this Miami really call for one hour. We went out there. She's like, hey, let's go out and like, ooh. That's what I do every time with every girl. Okay. But it's only girls everything. It's like, oh, we're going to go to movie, really good. Okay. We'll see. I really want to go to the movie. Yeah. I get that. I that sometimes so okay. Dinner dinner.

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