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Biden addressed the nation this past week announcing the end of the Afghanistan war and for anyone who gets the wrong idea. Let me say clearly to those who wish America harm to those engaged in terrorism against us or our allies know this. The United States will never rest We will not forgive. We'll not forget will hunt you down to the ends of the Earth, and we will. You will pay the ultimate price. Our Dimitry sodas talked about it with former Army Ranger Tom Aumentar, co author of the upcoming book The 20 Year War. He just called this operation an extraordinary success, and 13 American service members lost their lives now. I don't know what junior speechwriter wrote that one trying to get in good with them, and it got by the chief of staff. But how can you possibly consider that an extraordinary success just on the face of it. What about the 120,000 people that got out? I mean, it is considered quite an accomplishment, this airlift very hectic, very confusing and leaving people behind And yet people got out. Yes, and you know, I agree, but I think that that is way more on the military. My problem with that is the administration has said that there were 4500 Americans that got out in the speech, President Biden said roughly 10% of the Americans which I'm doing the math in the back of my head. Is 540 did not get out. We as a nation say no man, woman or child left behind and we left them behind the primary mission was to secure the safety and freedom of American citizens and then also for our allies, many of whom it's also acknowledged by this administration were left behind because their paperwork wasn't processed properly. Or they couldn't get through Taliban checkpoints because the administration trusted the safety and security of our citizens. And the people that matter the most to us to a terrorist organization. What would you say about the quality of the military's work? I think you touched on this ever so briefly. It was quite extraordinary. Oh, those men and women Move mountains, Sir, I enlisted before 9 11. Those men and women in post did that They already really to answer that nations called knowing they could go to war zone, but they went to a place where they were not trained where they were trying to have to tell people. Quite literally if they might live or die by if they could get past their gate or not in the New York Post and also on coffee or diet magazine, Jericho. Denman, who I had the privilege to serve with in Bravo company, Second Ranger Battalion describe the conditions for them living in as the worst he's ever seen as a 15 combat tour veteran. I can't imagine how awful it must have been for him to make that statement, And yet they persevered. They fought onto the objective and they completed the mission. I have nothing but the highest in utmost love, respect and admiration for the troops and the job that they did over there. That's Army Ranger Tell Momentum co author of the upcoming book The 20 Year War, Talking with our Dmitry Sodas. Coming up. High profile defendant pleads guilty for his role in the capital riot I'm Neil, or I can steam It's 7 44 the delta variant..

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