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You got to wait for paper check for your really spent all right if you have a question for NPR's Scott Horsley send it to us at NPR dot org slash national conversation or share it on social media using the hashtag NPR conversation and we have a question from Veronica from Massachusetts who has a question about supplemental Schick security income and she writes that if I receive a supplemental security income check will I get a stimulus check Scott and we have some new information on this to have that right yes Veronica is eligible for the stimulus payment and we learned just a sheep she shouldn't have to wait for a check just today the government said SSI recipients do not have to file a special tax return to get relief payment it's take a little while but but SS I recipients are now in the same boat as social security recipients and disability or SS DVI recipients so if you don't ordinarily have to file a tax return and you get your benefits through direct deposit you should automatically get your coronavirus release pain relief payment that way as well now however if you receive social security SS DVI or SSI and you don't typically file a tax return and you have a child or children under the age of seventeen you should still go to IRS dot gov look for the non filers section and let the government know about those dependent kids because you may be eligible for an extra five and dollars per child under the garage relief act okay Scott squeeze one more in here we've gotten so many questions about when people will start to see those relief checks those twelve hundred dollar relief checks from the government the treasury said today was supposed to be the day for millions what do we know those payments did begin showing up in people's bank accounts this week we've heard from some grateful people who got their money obviously it won't solve all the problems but that twelve hundred dollars or so will certainly help and if you want to see what's happening with your payment again you can now go to IRS dot gov and click the get my payment feature and you can track what's happening with your your payment that is NPR's chief economics correspondent Scott Horsley Scott thank you so much you're welcome show some good news in there you can hear much more of our extensive coverage when you download the NPR one app go to the Exploratorium and click on the.

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