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No. That's four knows but for answering students questions. I do think there is a lot to learn from how customer service agents do their jobs that is when they actually do their jobs and do it well and make me as the customer feel satisfied and maybe even feel good about them and about myself when i interact with them well. I recently had all week of experiences. Where help center agents did not listen to my issue. They must've just heard key words or key phrases. Maybe these are like commonly encountered issues that the hero watt and they gave me an answer. That only peripherally related to the issue. I needed help with. I even had one of those exchanges where they didn't address my issue at all and then blew me off by telling me that if it happens again and let them know and they'll look into it like what why not solve it now. Let's not wait for it to happen again. I don't want it to happen again. And that's why i am contacting you. This wasn't what happened. But here's an example of what i mean by not answering the question. Let's imagine. I ordered a pair of brown shoes but i received black shoes instead stat. So eye contact the customer service agent. Who responds that all the shoes. Come with black shoelaces even brown shoes. And then i responded. It's not about the laces. it's the shoe collar and they respond to that. The laces are not shipped on the shoes but are in a separate package inside the shoebox. No that's not the concern. Have you looked inside the shoes for the packet of shoelaces. No i have shoelaces as a courtesy. Like in mail a packet of shoelaces. But we only have black shoelaces. No i don't need shoelace. Is i need brown shoes. Oh okay that style of shooters come in brown. Would you like to order a pair now. Oh see that's what i'm talking about now. I do understand that..

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