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Trying to balance work. The dad says they're on the laptop when he leaves for work, But the school doesn't see the girls logged on. Grandpa gives them permission to swing by the girl's apartment raised jokes enough time to quick log on Sorry, he explains in an upbeat way that they're just checking on them, making sure they have WiFi because the teachers haven't seen the log on. And how can the school help? The older sister 14 year old Naevia speaks up ever seen with him all day. But on the computers? Yeah, What's come on, like you guys aren't in trouble. So like it's just, we're just here to be supportive and just have you back in the Bay Area says the girls would do better at the school, where there's a remote learning center for students having a hard time learning at home. Ray says the school is trying to make it easier to get there until then, a nudge, so it's funny and low caste don't know that the district could see every single website that shall go in. They know when you turn it on. They know when you turn it off, and they know when you're logging in when you're not. The 11 year olds are quiet. But Elissa finally says this about online learning. It's sometimes hard. And sometimes I don't know what to do. The guy's hand them T shirts. Tell them to call if they need help and walk silently back to the car. All right, because I don't know them. You know what I mean? That's first time I ever met them. So it's gonna be hard to like, even, like jam him up. You know, I mean, like, Hey, man, I know you all in Vietnam. Clearly already on Netflix right now, Chili Uh, situation doesn't deter raise it inspires him in a school where 90% of the students live in poverty and a third or learning English as a second language like it's our people. This is our communities is our culture. This is Our responsibility Raise knows the best executed lesson plans won't get all students logging on. There are other reasons some kids would show up to school. It's the culture he and staff members created inside the school starting two years ago. Step back in 2018 Lake was considered the worst school in Denver on citywide ratings. Others were in charge of improving academics raise had to shift the culture. My goal is to get by it as a student, raised himself was kicked out of like middle school, he explains. Many kids in poverty, seek identity in gangs in sports or in music. He knew the school needed an identity to say this is who we are. This is what we do as knights, the school's mascot is the night the school looks like a castle. So four virtues, honor, hard work, generosity and humility became the new pillars on full display every day at school, using Our virtues in our daily vernacular, like I've been honorable to making sure that they know what that is Know what that looks like when it's exemplified. So we want them to embody those traits. Some of.

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