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You press the power window switch that makes the power windows, go up and down or to control the seats and things like that. So there's a lot of these little tiny computers around there. What we're starting to see now a trend towards Hewer more powerful computers because all of those computers over the last thirty forty years have been kind of added on piecemeal as we added a new function. We brought in a new computer for we call them electron control units because you know, they're they're simply simple like art gino's than a desktop PC. Yeah. Exactly. Many cases not even that power. Yeah. So this is an interesting issue though. Because the the advantage of having all those separate computers is your car, it's harder to hack your car. But with a centralized computer system, controlling the whole car somebody were to get into it. Your car would be vulnerable. You would be vulnerable. And you know, I mean, this is one of the issues with going to connected and automated vehicles is that the whole security issue. You know, if your phone gets hacked, you know, you might lose information. It's drive you into the into the garden. Yeah. You know, that may be the case if your car gets hacked, so I think the car computers. Besides the things like the fuel injection controllers as being the telematics stuff, which is kind of the I don't know how what is telematics is. It's like the onstar telematics is, you know, the the connectivity. That's been in. You know, that's in cars, and it's getting increasingly common. So it's having a cellular data modem in your car that can communicate with a data center, San where? And then there's an entertainment media system, which is often a computer these days. Separate from the Telemann hopes that's that separated. And then there's their separate units. But they're connected to the can talk to each other. You have a network in the car all these things can talk to each other. Is there a third like computer controlling the card self the engine and so forth? Yes, we have a powertrain computer controls the engine. And the transmission you've got computers for your electronics, ability control. If you starring starting to get these are all separate controllers, they eventually going to merge into a single controller, or that's that's definitely the direction that people are going, in fact, Invidia and Reseda bans made an announcement on Tuesday that they are going to be developing a a power essentially a supercomputer for the car. In video already offers a a supercomputer platform for automated driving systems, they call Dr. I gue- says that's what I'm wondering is this being driven by the move to Thomas vehicles where you need. That's sophisticated. Yeah. That's part of it. And part of it is because we have all these other things, and you know, they're just trying to consolidate them all and provide make it easier to do things like over the air updates one of the advantages. Tesla had part of the reason why they were able to do over the air updates when they launched the model S is because they were starting from scratch..

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