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Why coming up on WTO P stay with us for more on these developing stories in just minutes, where the time now is four 48. Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, good morning to rich hunter and the WTO traffic center. Sounds like a Metropolitan Police and D.C. fire rescue on the scene of the crash involving one overturned but the good news is if there's any with us, first there's no serious injury and the crash is actually just off a suitland park on Sheridan road so it's a shared road for the moment blocked between Stanton road in 15th place as a result of this crash involving one overturn looks like they may have come off of suitland park with a little fast and rolled their car, again authorities are out with it. It is drawing attention because folks are slowing both ways on suitland Parkway, but the lanes are open in both directions. Now elsewhere, just about done picking up the work on the inner loop of the Vallejo, head toward the dolls, tall road. At least two right lanes now get in your body. They should have just about everything cleared up your shortly. The work that happened on the loop near the legion bridge and again, down near 66, both those work centers are gone, still waiting on the all clear in the work on the eastbound 66, just after the beltway headed toward route 7 a at the right lane of three block there wasn't causing any big delay, but again, they were no word yet that they've started to pick that one up. Don't really have a good visual. Should find the work that was eastbound 66 just east to 28 in centerville, that works on wrapped up in clear rich hunter WTO traffic. We are starting off this Wednesday on a very warm note and it's going to be another very warm day after record breaking temperatures on our Tuesday. Highs today and the upper 60s to low 70s in some locations

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