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That's it basically. It was as i said. I need more time. so Meltsa on his podcast. Melton alvarez which by the way what fucking useless sensitive pricks those two are honestly. Apparently they got into a a confrontation over social media. Waves zelina vega selena vega post. It's basically basically a mean if somebody like on a typewriter and stuff. And she says Dirt sheet riders preparing their next lie about wrestlers in a business. Something like that. I'm paraphrasing and meltzer fucking takes it to the heart and our police. I mean really like he just took it to the dick and went on a rant talking about her and shit like that. Zelina zelina vega writes back on on on social media and first of all. I didn't even mention you by name. I didn't even mentioned you. I was talking about dirt. Sheet writers period. But since you wanna throw your name in a mix you know basically telling him fuck you for what you think about women's wrestling in your fucking opinions. It don't really matter shit anyway and she went off. But it's like this guy has gone from an influence or before the word was being used about twenty years ago to now just a mealy mouth fucking pussy who rides a e w fucking dick like. He's auditioning for gay porno honestly. I will have to happen when you went on the content. You kiss an ass. Be become a affectionate. Because you're a mook it's it's it's almost sad. I honestly it's very sad to where he what he's become. I i. I am hoping that head. He's getting a good check for me w n Some kind of help for his sensitivity. Because i do. It's almost like saying you know. The people who loosely say all puerto ricans are nothing but fucking backstabbers. And i'm like okay. I gotta do what i gotta do with me. I gotta do with me your point. Yeah all right but yeah real sensitive prey to fuck you What else always end of that way. Yeah real real marries What else we have their Talked about his a cornet Age basically said the sanctions. We were saying about alana's like what the fuck she she really thinks. She's bigger than what she really is. eighty three weeks. They had nitro after hogan The bachelor the beach when the he'll turn happen was actually a really good show and what they did was that they really have hogan or hall nash on the show. They just had a lot of people talking about how that turn affected them. Meaning that the wrestlers and stuff like raymond stereo talked about it and all that shit and see what you want about. Wcw and a lot of people had hit a mess about that era. But.

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