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Charlie Harger, KOMO news. Traffic has continued to move smoothly for the most part is we whether the three week highway ninety nine closure and part of the thanks goes to Seattle police which have had officers out there directing. Traffic and making sure you're on your best behavior. Police sergeant Sean Whitcomb says even if they catch you in a bus only lane or blocking an intersection then won't always pull you over. We don't want to block any of our precious lanes of traffic for violations motor vehicle collisions or anything. We want. Those lanes of traffic to keep flowing would come says traffic cameras could come to some of the busiest places where they see the most violators. But for now police officers are out there to watch you the progress continues as crews work to connect highway ninety nine with a new tunnel under Seattle. Komo's Ryan Harris has an update contractors are doing a couple of big concrete pours, including says state transportation department tunnel project manager, Dave sours paving for the southbound offramp to Royal Brome and for the south embankment to the Dearborn off ramp. And that poor is our last major poor in terms of roadway surfaces. Our says they're still looking at seven to ten days after the tunnel opens to finish the northbound Dearborn offramp. It was the usual Friday light for the day. Fourteen morning drive. But Jeff Sweitzer with King County. Metro transit says they had a couple of trains that blocked buses for an hour affected writers on route thirteen when twenty one twenty two twenty three and so we're moving towards rerouting some of those buses on a regular basis to avoid the kind of train related delays that we've been seeing otherwise Sweitzer says the buses have been able to get through traffic relatively.

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