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A real life local to adulthood it. It's it happens quite sure. When you go to envy's nbc sports maria and guarantee you there's going to be someone black white asian hispanic. Somebody is going to be awesome shit about you. It's going to happen now if they're going to be irresponsible and not to get caught saying it on film or recorded saying that type of stuff will. That's on them. But i i thought the i thought the And i mentioned it before. My podcast thought that the reaction. Let's head over the top and when she comes out on twitter after a couple of days and talks about in these dark times like all right all right until someone was caught talking bad about. You believe me it happens to me. It happened to you. What happens to everybody. I talk shit about people behind their back all the time. Also give me a fucking break. Just you know the rachel nichols didn't come to your house and break into your house and defecate in your band right. You know get lost nigger on the walls and damaged your things or anything like that. She wasn't conspiring to get you fired or anything like that. Rachel rachel nichols had a bad moment. She had a weak moment. She made a bad choice. In terms of voicing her opinion that are thought patterns get caught. It happens welcome the real life. Nobody's perfect so i mean you know. Maria wants to go ahead and play that for the play the victim card. So that okay. Whatever that's your choice deadlocked your good luck. You know what anger noticed any other book. Leuchter does well. You will do well. She the very talented person in the venture before she beautiful. She's intelligent so there you go but so days after covering gained six of the nba finals for the spn. She made her. Nbc debut past friday ahead of the networks Nbc's prime time. Replay of the opening ceremony for the tokyo olympics anchor mike thereto. The guy who didn't realize that he was black growing up true statement. I could make something up like something up like that. Introduced taylor at the top of the networks telecasting. Taylor's job at nbc is going to be something to where she is going to be doing on reporting and she'll be doing the olympics and she'll be hosted contributor for nbc Sunday's nfl pre-game. Show monday night Football night in america the network super bowl coverage in the years. It airs on nbc. So you know she's got she's got a really really good situation there. And i wish i wish you nothing. But the best of luck in the she states happening g becomes the next robin roberts. What she wants to be. But i was reading an article which was written by gibb weber awful announcing it was handicapping. The candidates to replace maria taylor on. Espn's college game day and you know espn..

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