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Are you? A friend of Bobby Caldwell's You're either in or you're out right now. That's not George Clooney and Batman. That's George Clooney in Ocean's 11 Man, 96, 2000 and 1, 2000 and six or 2011 for five points. Good luck, men. There's three I'm going to say 2000 and six Oh, 2000 and one Kevin. You can I know this doesn't make you feel better been, but I too would have wrongly guess, 2000 and six There's like a different one made in all of these years. Skin 11. You drew Ocean's 11 and the fast and furious six point round skin. Go. When is that going to start now? Um, interesting. You should ask Kevin 12 to get through. Let's go. I'll take 12. Okay, a movie he's blowing and going. Is that? Oh, that's the clip from the movie blow, Huh? Yeah, that's interesting. Kind of rushing to them. Yep. Yeah, a lot of good clips online, 2000 and 11. Denis Leary was kind of older crap, man. It's either Oh six or 11. God, this is difficult. I'll go. I'll go 2011. I'll go 6001. I'll go 2000 and 11, and that's the six point round begins, would all go They go to bed made for six points. This would put you in the lead here. Ben, who Man in honor of Danny White. Give me 11 11. This is a movie. These kids and my grandchildren and you are raising them wrong. They are terrible boys. Shut up, Chip where I'll go your ass. I'm gonna send to kick you in the back of the head. Yeah. Turn up the heat. Go on and get some boys. Come on. I'm 10 years old, but I'll beat your ass chip. I'm gonna come at you. I can spatter monkey shit. Jacked up on Mountain Dew. Six points. Talladega nights. 2006 Kevin 1006. I think it's 11 66 points. Wow, for Ben Been now with a lead at 12 Point, Man, I would have said 11 to skin has 11 Christina has 10 Christina, You'll close out the six point round. What clue would you like? Do 36 36 we go to 36? This is going to be a movie, Christina. It's the rise of the planet of the apes. I am a monkey fan. No guys hear that story about Doyle, The monkey at the Dallas Oh, yes..

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