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You're listening to Asian American history one O one, a podcast about Asian American history from generally known historical happenings to the deeper cuts that we don't hear about in school, where your host Jen and Ted, the daughter and father team. Welcome to episode 63. How's it going? Good. Although this will come out later, I just finished a pottery class, which was very fun. And I have enough pieces to give to everyone. Yeah, nice. To me, that is one of the best things about giving gifts. If you can make it yourself in some way, shape or form. Yeah, and you know some of my pieces might be a little bit ugly, but who cares? You're gonna get it anyways. Well, you know, what they lack in aesthetic beauty. Right, right. They have in terms of love. Yes. As the key ingredient percent I had no hate while I was throwing. Not at all. I wasn't frustrated at all. Also quick pieces. I'm a little cold this morning. Yeah, it's cold. You know? People are gonna laugh at us 'cause we are in Southern California. But even Southern California can get cold, and I know we are in a beach city, but it is 39° here. This is the first morning that it is broken below 40. I mean, it is also because we are in a beach city. I mean, we're right by we get the beach breeze and whatnot. Yeah. And I know that our climate is very mild here, but it's cold. And our House is insulated fairly okay, except not because it gets really cold. It's really cold. And it keeps all the cold in. So even when the outside warms up our House stays for freezing. Yeah, that's actually the insulation. Right. Because basically we keep that cold, hold on to it, whether it's summer or winter. And so I have a nice little space heater in my room. And so when I wake up in the morning, my room stays nice and warm and then I leave and it's so cold. Yeah, I think we have space heaters in every room. Yep. But we also use the whole house heater every now and then. It's just, you know, the house is kind of big. And so to do that, with only one or two people in the house, it just doesn't seem right. But I don't know if someone probably has a paper on this on which is better in terms of energy savings. Is it better to just use the whole house heater? Right. Or is it better to use a space here? And at what point is it better? Because maybe you're moving from room to room, in which case it makes no sense to have a space heater. Yeah, like it makes sense to have a space heater when I'm sleeping. I turn it on and keep my room up and then I turn it off and then go to sleep and then when I wake up in the morning, I turn it back on. Yeah. Well, if anyone has some heating, then please let us know. Or maybe someone out there is an HVAC specialist and knows the science behind whether it's better to have the whole house heater on or a space heater. Yeah. Anyways, did you see the news on how The White House announced a new initiative to disaggregate the data under the Asian umbrella term? I mean, it's cool because this initiative on Asian Americans native a Hawaiians and Pacific islanders will really do what we've been saying all along. Treat Asian Pacific Americans as something more than a monolith..

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