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And it's about those roadside memorials and they've got a big problem with them and i'm not quite sure the right way to go about this and i know we don't do a lot of phone heavy stuff earlier in the show and there's a reason for that the calls usually suck but but there are people putting up their own roadside memorials and it puts the county in a really weird position because the county allows you to buy a memorial sign and they'll keep it up for a year and it says in memory of blah blah blah and like drive safely or whatever i think they're an effective tool to remind you that you can easily die on residential roads so because when i see one i'm like oh man so many died on this road i better take it easy but they stay up for a year and then and i believe the county hillsborough county they pull them well there are people making their own roadside memorials and they're mad at the county because the county is coming along and taking the memorial well what i mean that's kind of a new i mean not a new thing but it's not like it's been that way forever where the county or whoever would make them so i think people have been making their own roadside memorials now the county just has found a way to collect some cash in the process well look they're a distraction and if you're pull pulled over on the side of the road to erect one or to commemorate won by putting mylar balloons and stuff teddy bears on them because you know you're dead relative can certainly see and appreciate those it causes a backup in traffic and it's a hazard and i can't have that so i don't know what the right thing to do is there i think the county allowing you to rent one for a year by one for a year they memorialize your loved one it says drive safely that's the official way to go about it but what's the point i get it we mourn death okay we bury people i'm not cool with it but i get it.

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