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And when he wins right somebody should have don't even dry paul lin dr paul navigate noone see you got the free mco app on span or your pence gate appropriate to fix the russia when i put it on the shelf one one welcome back to very bad wizards at this point we'd like to thank all of the people who interact with this podcast in all the different ways that you do through email through our facebook page through read it through twitter through instagram you can email us at very bad wizards gmailcom go to facebookcom very bad wizards you can go to read it we have a sub read it um slash ours lash very bad wizards you can follow us on instagram very beth wizards tweet us at very bad wizards act tam layer and at peas we really appreciate all the different ways that you get in touch with us it's so gratifying and we also appreciate all of you who support us in more tangible ways and there are three ways that you can do that all of which can be found at our support page very bad wizards dot com slash.

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