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Knowledge. I guess involves in and you can look if we want to characterize it as that certain people who are predisposed to not trust see that at and can use that as fuel for then for they distrust saying where you got it wrong last time. Why why should we believe you now. Sure but what do they have. I mean now zakho that they have a belief in beliefs. I even more questionable than evidence-based signs right on such a strong link. They have such a strong position really. Yeah let's talk about that because a lot of people will adopt a belief and then look for evidence Any evidence what whether it's really solid evidence or not but they look for ways to support that belief in. Call it evidence. That's not the way science generally works. Your you have to not have a conclusion in mind Am i correct that you don't reach your conclusion before you start looking for evidence you look for evidence to see where points to to draw conclusions from that evidence directly. Look for everything she's right. So what do you say that. Those people who use their belief system as a reason to distrust science. Well as i said i believe is something very very questionable. I mean it's l. founded. It's even more shaky then science at least scientists evidence which may change but a. What's the evidence for belief. Belief rests on weak evidence. I would say. I would say i i would tend to agree now. Now a big part of. And i'm jumping way ahead now for past art and philosophy and all that stuff to the idea of spirituality. A lot of people Confused religion with this idea of spirituality and again i'm a big fan of carl sagan's and so i if somebody asked him if he believed in god and answer took thirty minutes. Here's he said. First of all you have to. We have to have clear communication on what we mean by that because the word god can mean so many different things to so many different people and you had einstein's use award god compared to the pope's he says the word god they don't mean the same thing So that conversation it and where does science fit in in that conversation or does it at all it. It fits in sure. For example in spirituality and emphasizes very much in the connectedness in oneness. Risk the universe in science has provided much evidence for the connectedness of a ecology ecology showed us said many things which appealed separate are really connected. You throw a dt new goblin and then you find it. Independent incident antarctic right. So everything is in the connected so this interconnectedness in oneness that to me is one link between science and spirituality in that has been pointed out by number of authors. I am not the first one who is who is saying that. A but they're still in spirituality. I think there's a personal component science. Still person you know you look at things. Objectively in spirituality. There's also the personal subjective experience like renewal meditate. I mean this is a personal subjective experience which is also important. Mitch i would say is complementary to objectivity and so one can experience through meditation..

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