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Them. I think got got stage fright and didn't want to perform so they got. One of the fray really hates one of them. That's what i hear but it could be something keys. Drunk and camp could be it could be something like that <hes> so they gave sunglasses to one of their friends and we're like nobody knows what we look like so you just go out and dance and like mouth along the word i remember watching them from our like trailer with dressing rooms and they were in the parking lot and the one guy was teaching the new guide the words to the song long and how to perform on stage. This was twenty minutes before they're about to be on television to be performing their song. You're like oh nobody he knew what they look like but i'd gone to hot topic and bought a t shirt because like i would try to get the musical guests to sign t shirts on their faces. Were on the t shirts originally originally talking to different base now and we'll do that can you picture was pretty much. All the artists lip obsessing on the show. I think maybe just 'cause it's easier or whatever but not all of them do but some of them did i mean they were definitely looking but the guy the new boy newest board the new you try to lip sync. He just went in the audience and high five people for three full minutes with his sunglasses on the song was like hip pop had a baby with a terrible spooky carnival cheering and smiling like it was normal like normal things we were. We were literally laughing at them. They looked really high overhead. Oh oh my god believe legend legendary now though there were so many moments like that of us just being like. I can't believe this is happening. The hardest ever left in my life was on set for so and so my favorite story one of my top five favorite stories of all time is we did a sketch sure that never made it to air. Thank god called tina bottle and knows matthew scott and myself doc was a you're the debt dad i was the son tiffany was my wife or enemy. Mama audrey was was my sister was so we were the children so the sketch was like an odd sixty sitcom like a sixty sitcom family clean out the basement was like yes lamp in the basement want rubbing rabbit out of it out of this genie lamp that we find comes a teenage jeanie who doesn't grant any wishes because she's sassy. Ian doesn't want to lay. It can't be a teenager like an angry sassy teen. There was a lot of issues with <hes> the girl who played the the teeny who played teeny teeny she had to be painted and they painted green but that wasn't working so the producers were so focused on her and how she was doing the character that matthew scott and i were just like let's let's give the worst performance..

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