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Something that pretty universal. Yeah yeah yeah i always. I introduced friend to mitch hedberg the other day. Never you know. He's he's he's a guy. Machine also has not messing unique delivery. So it's like an extra bonus on top just being a gag merchant. And it's like this. This is comedy from you. Know at this point. What at least two three decades. So here's the thing self contained whereas like if you're watching an actress same time. Do bits about reagan yet. It's not gonna have the same. I think i think you're right about the desire to have this like cova. Jason reality 'cause like a friend assumed friend the other day about like tv shows. They like to their life. I can't even remember. This is how much. I wasn't interested in whether say i can't remember the name of the tv show but this because they went. This season is all about People mosques as as like yes sir. I just shot off. The palm of my brain was actively remembering. Just wait. wait for them to finish. So i could say i don't want to watch knots. Yeah pretty much. I think that the yeah when you have that kind of everything is based on the context of our particular time you give yourself a an indict you give yourself in expiring For when that material is gonna be just people over. People don't understand the context of it to get what is being said. Yeah go sensibilities change in a black joke known obliquely about tracer neil. His his standup probably wouldn't get same. Reception will probably would have had to evolve if it exists in the modern twenty. Twenty one here But if you if you can take yourself out of the euro coach for context and a and watch his material in the context in which it was written and delivered you can say genius. Brilliant as as like just from a purely comedic perspective it's boring as doug shit to intellectualize company but happy covid. He's as gags on. His jokes are on another level. Hey teases out. I hesitate site truths but he takes his out things which are true from his perspective. Well and i think he loved what he minds is the interpersonal relationships. Yes especially romantic and true for that perspective at that time. Not objectively true especially from Twenty twenty one goal so like the the goalposts that kind of move but like the underlying truth of romantic entanglements aloft. Way he says is really just dead on. Yeah and then you know they'll be alliance like oh yards the nine east of the nineties the still that kind of on confronted element of of misogyny that is necessarily in him but his indy coca. He's talking about In some of the same his standup special in him on colin quinn. Oh tough crowd tougher of so. I only really know him from his standup in his appearances on that thing But yeah from the alone. You know the guys company was another level to the papal hate Quote unquote competing against in terms of being the golden child of that age have been recently rewatching. Some classic comedy is not where this is come constantly cycling. Yeah i find. I find i. I quite like to go back in time and watch comedians from a bygone era and Just you know just kind of milk some for the inspiration that they are not really in terms of material but just in sound people forgotten these parallel thinking of you. If you've been watching recently. I think loans purse. I ray watched a bunch of dylan moran stuff until nov my my favorite comic ever I just just ray watched and announcing their appreciating more and move all the way in which he speaks and the poetry of his speaking voice. And just the way he can en- trump's an audience with the rhythm and the lyricism of just the way he saw even that he's jokes on necessarily they're not to everyone's taste but he's delivery of his junk's is done in such a Almost like a sunburn. Or i think the irish The irish would shown akitas like the The storyteller round the round the campfire. Something you get a new one for me like hey you know. He has this kind of puff poet health storyteller old comic on. It's just now that. I've been doing comedy for wall and that's kind of like. That was the reason. I wanted to accommodate as hell if i can do that. That's the best thing ever and nothing like that. Oh so what. I watch him still in or you know whereas if i watch people who run gags the saint in a similar vein to i do watch mitch hedberg and just think the mindset that he was in when he thought that is enviable Even his run of the mill gags just like he's in. He's in a different world when he writes those. He's not looking at reality from the same way that the rest of us To see those connections and make that link and create that that little kind of a bit. But yeah when i watched omar load. What can i can. I speak sunburn.

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