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Bret Hart has a prodigy chat around this time. He says he thinks Jim not heart made a mistake in judgment going along. With those angles that had happened to the final two weeks on the WWF. He thought that the WWF humiliated spying brat. What did you think of that? I mean, I can understand Brad. They can that same time from a company standpoint. You're looking at it got heat with brat. Okay. Here's one of the boys. If it gets heat with the boys the boys bide if the boys sell it than usually the audience is gonna by the audience is going to sell it. So for that, very reason. The self. In the same chat Breyer response to criticism where he had been critical the direction of the company specifically with the more racy edgy, adult right and stuff and he was critical events. But man, of course, most of all of that. But Vince would respond to some criticism by saying well before restaurant thirteen raw your Cussing at of the microphone on TV Brad say in his products chat that he thought they were off the air, and he didn't realize until after the fact they weren't off the air. Now, realize euro-mexican, consign will shed. But that is a show where you went over. And I know you're gonna say, but we knew we were going to you whenever you're a lot of time saving random crawl bump saying so stockings start at blah, blah, blah. So it was an unusually long segment, and they stayed with it as a reminder Asiago wash this as the go home soda raw right before wrestlemania thirteen. One of the best sides are all ever up to that point. But everything had sort of been into a tailspin where. The original man of f horse wasn't going to happen because Sean lost a smile. Everything. Shaken up as a result. So you really lose a lot. Pushes down. Vincent went in the ring, grabs the mind said, he's sick and tired of this bullshit and everybody in that goddamn dressing room. Bob, Bob, LA phenomenal promo felt real. And Brett would say he didn't know he was on the air. Those Brad baby facing on you know, Bret Hart and Bret doesn't get nearly credit for this. You should Bret Hart was such an innovator. And Bret Hart was a guy would constantly come up with new ideas, new ways to do things to give people something that they thought they weren't supposed to get a mistake. Oh that wasn't supposed to happen retinue. And Brett was given that line in the idea behind. It was just that. It was a mistake on my God Brett soup pissed off. Custom tv. That was a little designed for. And that's what it did in it worked. So. Yeah, Brett did. No. And. A lot of that. You know, you go back a back to wrestlemainia twelve where Bret wanted to work the boys in and it was Brett's idea to storm out of the building that day and create the animosity between him and Sean. So that even the boys would be buzzing boy Brent was pissed off after that. But didn't like losing the title, and he's upset with Shawn base. Never gonna come back, and do it that was that part of it that was prince creation. Creating things in new in different ways in head social media been what it is today back. Then I dare say that I believe Brent probably would have used that. And been one of the first utilize that to further his story. Lies things. Go. I do want to mention in the same chat. He blamed the previous problems with hall HOGAN that he had on Vince McMahon. Putting thoughts and words in his head. After real. At the Montreal for job. Now, he realizes the kind of person that Vincent man is and says he wants to talk to find out real story. And we know we're talking about here we talked about in the fuss and screamed in custody about it..

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