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Britain uncle boxing. I think they're doing the i. It's not it sounds barbaric and definitely you know. There's a lot of juice on the faces of these guys at the end of the night. But it's a sport and that respect it takes it takes a set of grapefruit stick to get in. The ring is a little bit different male. When somebody's now. No no i would. I don't. I don't think i should be hitting anybody with with rattan i. I don't think i mean. I've seen the knuckles are exposed. He expressed their their wrists. Still basically man. It's no you fight in the gym. Okay streetfighting jim. Let's switch gears course today. Arkansas beat obama's going to defend his and a few minutes. I believe on espn. And he's his prohibitive favorite Is he the guy wants. Seventy five is either is he. The the main man number one guy at one seventy five In my opinion he is I know that we will who fights in. May i believe you know it can definitely Maybe beg to differ with me but be better be. I think is what better competitions. And he's just a beast man. I mean he's a little older to shame that he turned pro at a later at a later age So his clock is ticking. He's got really good coaches john sculley and And the rival guy forget his name Abner very well schooled in a vicious puncher in. He's to me. I think he's the monster at light heavyweight And i hope that they unify Later on the between him and people. And i don't think danes has anything i think is going to be walk through better be today. Looks like his shot. tend to win. Fight some other fights on today's card. Of course from reese hooker in very hooker one's junior welterweight stepping up to one forty seven. He went from a star at one forty and then losing at one fight to be an a minus. Five fifty underdog. I yeah no take it back to favorites minus eleven hundred. He's plus five twenty five so the bottom line is he went from a stud to an underdog a prohibitive underdog year is version. T's really the guy who wants to come back in first fight against well new way classroom hooker. The last time he was in the public spotlight he for another chain rubber garcia fighter. Jose ramirez and he was stopped in a barn burner five. He's got the bad exchange and a ramirez was able to stop them and one of the better of the year. Maurice hookers have very good fighter. He's things have the height advantage in this fight. Always but he's fighting but he's fighting a bigger naturally bigger guy impaired ulysses and the one thing. That kind of makes me like what's going on here. He had to strip down to make weight and the second attempt. So i don't know how long that physique and hold one forty seven. Actually the second time this happened him. I believe last year. He had issue with the weight. So i i believe that his best days maybe at one before i like hooker. I think he's a good fighter. But i think it should be to to have his way probably somewhere in the middle of six seventh around. I think coke is going to be able to hang in there and another thing. That's pretty intriguing. They both are in great fight. Camps one is trained when trains We tense crawford and jamal herring and those guys and rob. Has jim fuller killer. So that's that's something. That's pretty intriguing. And i'm looking forward to Jose ramirez in josh. Taylor gonna do it one hundred and forty pounds. That looks like on may twenty. Second josh taylor. Is this a chance for him to like. Make the entire world look at him. Hey he surprised the heck out of me when he We just pro grazed and to win that That was as a boxing tournament that they had He's a real really good. Fighter throws a lot of punches Ramirez is very strong. I it's it's good stylistic should be lots of fun both guys are easy to hit but i think the punching power for marriage. Maybe too much taylor okay. The postman that fails to delivered letters. Doug mcgann you. Garcia is now talking about hundred and a hundred and fifty pounds. He was small at one forty seven. I think danny looking to just make money at this point in. And there's nothing wrong with it but i think eventually it should catch up to. I mean one. Fifty four star studded. But you got guys. That would probably stop before i was like eriksson. What's up with terry. What's up with terence crawford. Cut you off real quick. We'll kind of like a million half from rate. What's up with terence crawford haven't heard much There's been some rumblings bridge alert tease. I you know saying that he would fight carpet next And oscar waste that he would okay it afterwards You know. I don't know if he's just gonna play things out and he's going to be the latest fighter that leaves top rank and and maybe eventually we'd get the big fight that we anticipate of him in there will spens Project will fire you know and We hope that we communication by later on this year. But i don't think it's going to happen okay. So so arab loses both team in like in the same year quick. Yeah man something. Something's up you know. I mean you wanna spend the money. Bob doesn't want to spend any money flops. Doing your don king things vicarious somebody else money i don't want to get involved bottom line is soccer balmaceda loaded age yours and of course they loaded sebastian for me. Your daughter your wife. The whole nine yards the family. Tell them i thank you for your time. Thank you i will let them know. Uncle pedro center look great the great soccer news palmer boxes chew. Pac of course only on ring dog lie aka wbz tv saturdays. 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