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And she could have done with the wind against johanna konta of great britain last time a brit lady made it into the semifinals at wimbledon nineteenth seventy and could be done again well swoon alip when the first i set seven six seven two in the tiebreaker as she took her business in big way and then conte came back and won the second set and he was one that i mean talk about unforced errors she had so many of them i want to say was somewhere in the neighborhood of two twenty one two six and was very frustrating watching because you're thinking point these gal if she can just stop ms hitting or stop going for an impossible shots he's she's going to be able to win this match and lo and behold she came back and she did win the second set seven six and she wanted she won the tiebreaker seven five and so there they went to the third said ch'ien's appointing you'd six four and it was he is one of the most entertaining ladies matches that i've seen a long time now venus williams bottom of the hour panish perspective the car crash that each she got into in florida were going to be discussing that of course with the brain mm panish sportex michelle and uh venus williams although she added a little bit of a breakdown and was an uneasy as far as in the press conference where she had to leave for a little bit gained backing broke down but uh this this whole thing as far as this accident has really gone to her but it has not affected her tennis on the court she has shown that maturation for thirty seven years old and she continues to excel on the grass court she loves it over there in london the love her they love her ansari none of course serena pregnant right now so she's not participating in this year's wimbledon but venus moves into the semifinals and she will play content and that.

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