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Fan looking for somewhere to enjoy this weekend's game against the cowboys our WGN Jay street team along with Miller lite will be at buckets and receive Sunday starting at three o'clock enjoyed three twenty five Miller lite sixteen ounce gas for five for fifteen dollars loss will be giving away a Josh Jackson signed helmet at halftime. this is for the October fourteenth game against the Detroit Lions official contest rules visit W. G. M. J. dot com come by and see us and please drink responsibly hi I'm Brett acting Hagen folder of bread octillion seasonal services thirty years ago I was a young college graduate with a meaningless job fairly able to repay my student loans I wanted something more but what I was created appreciated nature and I love working with my hands it was at this time I was introduced to the landscape industry I started seasonal service is twenty five years ago and we have grown into a full service landscaping company that employs over one hundred in to see us to compassionate people our success is due in large part to our ability to provide meaningful careers to people who love building and maintaining beautiful outdoor environments we are currently seeking one experience landscape installation foreman and to experience landscape maintenance foreman we offer year round employment premium wages and benefits that allow you to achieve all the personal goals you have set for yourself for a meaningful career call Fred opportunity in seasonal services two six two three nine two three four four four and as for Nicole or look for some online it's seasonal services dot com. finance it's time to cheer on the green and gold and.

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