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The year Star Wars came out. That's a lot too long time ago and a galaxy far far away before Kirk cousins was born John Madden coach in the raiders then for crying out loud. Yeah, yeah. The only Kirk we knew of was captain Kirk. So you know, I sent to him yesterday. We had a long on camera conversation that's running on sportscenter later in the week. I believe Thursday and Friday said, why did you do this to yourself? You took over thirteen and three team. I said name the last time. Anybody from the NFC north went back to back seasons, thirteen and three. I can't name them. You know, I don't think it exists. So you know, he understood. He understands the pressure that he's under. He gets it. It's a fully guaranteed contract, you know, the first one ever and that to the pressure monitor. So you know, it's there's a lot of pressure on the guy and he's now got some injuries on the right side of his offense of line. But the team is loaded right there really loaded defensively. So I think they're gonna be right there defensively, I think it's going to be a work in progress offense. New offense coordinator, John calypso, and I talked to coach people Lippo and they want cousins to take fewer sacks. They want him to turn over the ball west, very at thirteen interceptions last much of fumbles and a lot of sacks, you know. So you know, and you look at Washington Washington, imported a quarterback. Alex Smith only had five, six, two right away for Washington. You drop a number of picks from thirteen to five. That's a significant difference for j Goodman out offense in Washington. So there's it's a movable dynamic now in the NFC for all reasons. Right. Look at the top teams and I said all along this camp, I think the giants are the most improved team in the NFL Shurmur there he li- Manning's got the left side of his offense of line fixed. You're presuming that saquon Barkley is going to be healthy. Odell Beckham is coming back healthy and whole both men. Only and physically the defense is going to be more aggressive. And if you look at the two games, they played against the eagles sixty one yard miracle field goal by rookie kicker at the link and a non pass interference call in the end zone, the giants could have easily gone to go to go against the Super Bowl champs easily. So I think the giants are going to be a load Washington's going to be a load. Green Bay's coming back, but there's a lot of movable parts to this whole NFC with a lot of players coming back. So it's interesting to me and this is the league of parody, of course. So from one year to the next who can forecast what's going to happen in the NFL, but you're absolutely right. We're talking about Sal paolantonio here on ninety eight seventy SPN. Let's get into the giants here a little bit. And at this time or late in the season last year when he was bench Sal, there was legitimate concern in question as to whether or not eat line manning would even be back with the club for two thousand eighteen. There was some speculation they would draft a quarterback with that first round pick, but he lies here. He said that he wants to play for years to come sake. One Barclays part of the mix. Maybe even a bigger surprise at Odell. Beckham is still here as well. And I kind of side with you. I think this giants team is also going to be improved. The question is though, are they going to be able to get all these guys and keep them on the field at the same time for this offense to flourish. Well, full disclosure on on a best apologised for you like that..

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