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Because they're not going to be hitting you like it's the playoffs you know so. I think that's where this team needs a physical player. 'cause i mean i fucking hate him but like luckett marshon. He's fighting getting in their faces and then he's just risk being a shot from dot any scoring in overtime like he can do. Both and i think that's what they need. That's what they need out of these players. They need matthews to play. Both sides of the puck playing aggressive and scoring at the same time. You know you gotta get him a tough winger. He's gotta be he's gotta fight as hard on the ice z. Did for his or as his dad did for his contract. See those the last thing. I wanna mention me. Police is how Stephen a smith was talking about the leafs calling them the dallas cowboys the nhl. And how they're a failure on an epic level every year and Yeoman i fucking love it. I love it adding fuel the fire getting hockey and more of a a larger spotlight. I love it. i love hearing him. Just rant for a minute or so about hockey you know. When he did with the oilers united agreed with his take but I agree with his take here but police. Oh yeah no. I agree and i. It's funny when he gets involved in a definitely causes a stir which is what you want out of a guy like him And that's why. I think it's great that they They went with them. Espn yeah So let's get into the second round now. Montreal is now up to against winnipeg as of last night You know. I feel like these. Two teams are pretty evenly matched. they play a very similar style game And especially they both rely on their goals enters Carey pricing connor. Hello book you know. The battle between them is really been great to watch. You know what. I mean They're both just. I don't wanna say deep teams but they play deep. You know what i mean like. They play like their deep team. Everybody pitches in from the bottom sixty you know that they play like with heart. I hate i hate. Say like a a stereotype like that. I don't know you feel like you're watching to underdog teams play you know. Yeah yeah no. You definitely are and it is shocking. How close it is right. Like how they play. yeah. And i mean like The series score doesn't indicate. You know being two. Oh but like both games have pretty. Even i mean last night Montreal a one author shorthanded goal..

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