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He got the better of Jacob deGrom and the Red Sox 65 Survival of the Mets last night in New York manager Ron Roenicke E, which thinking Nate to runs allowed over five innings. You know, he makes his pitch as well. I didn't think he was quite a sharp with his stuff. A cz. We've seen him, but I still thought he battled. Great. Obviously, we're going against, you know one of the best pitchers in the game, and he kept us Right there with him. For me. I thought he took a really good game. Here's hoping Martine Perez will tonight when the Sox and Mets clash again. Bruins faced the Blue Jackets for an exhibition this evening in Toronto. David Pasternack is expected to play these restart their season Sunday. Six Patriots opted out of the upcoming NFL season and former Pat's offensive lineman Nate Solder will do the same for the Giants Soldiers concerned about the Corona virus, mainly due to his five year old son's ongoing battle with cancer. Adam Kaufman The BLEEP easy. Boston's news radio at 7 43 A check of traffic and weather together happens every 10 minutes. Let's get right to it on the roadways with Lori Grandi and the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Hey, you think they're slow going right now that lever connector down or get too needs to be heavy from 93 all the way around the garden curve there onto Storrow Drive. Also keep in mind the left hand lane is closed offices on the Tobin Bridge just before Carter Street to the center span. On the expressway. Well, what the heck, Let's have David. Stressful, You know, tell us what's going on the expressway within my friend George Road report. It's a 15 minute ride on the expressway north on Lori normal speeds until just about the gas tank and then stuck in first gear most of the way between the yacht Club and Andrew Square. David's truffle Lino, My friend Insurance Road report. Yeah, this is what we've been seeing with this this phase three. Of course, a lot of people still on vacation because it's summertime, But we're seeing this earlier if it starts earlier, the commuters and it ends earlier, the thie commute says Keep in mind due to a water main break Dorchester Avenue, north and South on closed down between Andrew Square, an old Colony Avenue in South Boston. Ori granted visas traffic on.

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