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Caravan or mostly from honduras one of the nation's mr trump allegedly describing colorful but derogatory terms early this year bob costantini washington north korea says it will let the international community into inspect its nuclear test site when it shuts down next month reporter paula hancocks says the south koreans want to show they're willing to do their part sized grains as well say they will dismantle that propaganda broadcasts speakers so that they're in keeping with this lack of hostile policy between the two they said this is part of their efforts to try and show willing they that they want relations to improve eight journalists among twenty nine people killed in a suicide attack in kabul afghanistan this was a double attack the journalist died when a bomber disguised as a tv cameraman detonated blew himself up at a second bomb site from an earlier explosion the first one happened in an area of the city where the us embassy and the afghan government buildings are located and that prompted journalist who rushed to the scene the attackers knew this and so the second explosion came as the attacker posing as a cameraman blew himself up as the journalists were huddled around the scene to oxford high school students involved in a potential school threat social media threat one the mentioned columbine the threat was forwarded finally to a school administrator he called the police they moved in they identified both to students and the authorities are deciding what to do for people arrested for a couple of paintball shootings in detroit on sunday wjr news time six thirty three here's shawn baligian sports well good morning good morning everybody lions wrap up the nfl draft weekend by addressing some needs in adding depth as they prepare for the twenty eighteen campaign we are only one hundred and two days.

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