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California who received a covert 19 vaccine is dead hours after receiving the dose, according to the Placer County Sheriff's Office. The person tested positive and late December and received the vaccine Thursday. The county's public health department did not administer the vaccine. Officials say several agencies are investigating the cause of death. But health officials say that the risk of a severe reaction is extremely rare. 11 of the 22 miners who were trapped in eastern China had been rescued after two weeks underground. Chinese state media sources say the 11 gold miners have been pulled out of the mine after they got trapped along with 11. Others. Due to an explosion that block their exit, the report says. One of the remaining 11 miners is confirmed dead more National Guard troops who protected Washington D. C during the inauguration will be heading home soon. National Guard to some 15,000 of its members will return in the coming days about 26,000 members served in DC the day President Biden was sworn in less than half of those members remain on duty. Not only has President Trump left the Oval Office, but it looks like his diet Coke button did, too. I'm uses Jesse Paniagua has more. It looks like President Trump took the Diet Coke button out of the Oval Office. The button that would bring the 45th president of beverage when pressed, was absent photos of President Joe Biden at the Resolute desk on Thursday. Next White House aide Chris Simms claims Trump would use the button to print guests into thinking he was launching nuclear devices. Reporting for I news. I'm Jesse Paniagua and Senator Bernie Sanders is putting his viral inauguration mean to good use. After a photo of Sanders sitting all alone at the buy..

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