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The peace here and Rothman Bill for ages, But it doesn't stop bad hombres from trying their luck. You're kind of slow on the uptake. You are very focused about never doing anything different. You're on. Imagine it, But when the going gets tough, Sheriff John stands his ground because you're not gonna have you present nonsense. Then I'll be a role model like some exotic for the people of four outlaws. Take that shot, John. They should know. You bet I'm gonna let him have it right between the eyes. Sheriff John on duty 6 to 9 on KGO 10. I remember when I was a kid and I borrowed a dollar from my sister and she said, You got to get you that it came in being pay me back. But it's a dollar and 1/4 And I'm like what She said. Yeah, if I give you a dollar, that's a dollar. I could have used to do something else with And so I want you to give me some money because I didn't couldn't have the dollar while you had it. It was the first time interest had been explained me, although that was that was like basically, you know, Mob vig right there Anyway. Point is, when you borrow money, you pay interest on the money you borrow, and if it's for your home loan it can really add up. I mean, it's compound interest. So you know, every day you don't pay more on the principle, the interest compounds and it gets you know it's a lot of money. Point is, If you call anchor funding today, you might be able to lower that rate that you're paying on your mortgage back, a result in hundreds of dollars less each month that you're paying now, In some cases, you can pay the same amount. But knock years off the long that's what I just recently did. I've knocked about a knocked about eight years off my loan. And I'm paying just a teeny bit more than I paid before, But that's quite I know that in. You know that in 12 years old. No. 11 years have no loan have all my home out right now. Something will say no. You want to keep it for the interest, and there's a lot of different things and you could talk to Kevin Lines. The owner, banker funding exactly what you want to do. But don't just sit there paying high interest on a loan that you don't have to There's a way out anger funding. The phone number is 803 335157 That's 803 33 51. 57. As for Kevin, or one of his fine associates will walk you through it all. You got to know his interest rate your pain on your loan. And when you got it, they'll help you from there again. 803 335157 I'll say it again. 803 335157 I just remember the name And you could find it in Google it or just tell seriously, I want to save a lot of money with anchor funding. That's anger funding. Let's say you just bought a house. Bad news is.

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