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More they always find something that's freakin delicious politically that you wouldn't just throw in the towel forever he's put a lot of work in his apps to just start eating donuts all day to hang out at the beach were that's what the plan is he's not necessarily to the beach and the donuts and the donut gary and shannon weekday mornings at ten kfi am six forty four stimulating joker all right that's a nice change of pace cameron anaheim what's up up how you my wallet is older than you how is it i gotta ten years ago all right let's go tim conway juniors favorite snack cake is i don't think that's pretty good buddy tim conway junior weekdays at six kfi am six forty four stimulating underneath because they use babble the number one selling language learning eappen europe babbel's awardwinning technology gets you speaking right away whether you're learning spanish french or german and best of all you'll remember what you've learned i always thought i was bad at languages but after using babble i can tell you i was just taught the wrong way using babbel's ten to fifteen minute lessons you can be speaking confidently and your new language within weeks i was amazed that i could start having real life conversation right away it was so fast now i'm speaking.

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