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Stored away the deal there was they didn't want. To cut a check to us directly they wanted to cut a check to used as, far as everything already paid all them in finding those guys was, nearly impossible so, we had our, only choice was just. Either you pay it off or you. Know you have, to look for these guys get, their w. nine signs everything, in detail and we said we couldn't do it. We're just gonna pay off the house and I mean, we lived like beyond broke people people. Gave us ten dollars. Whatever it was because just wasn't in the budget our budget. Was two thousand five hundred dollars one month and that's what we lived on manor we. Made, six thousand it didn't matter what we made Thousand But, finally the insurance decided to try to check and we had to come up with the. Difference it was about forty thousand dollars in last eight. Months we just straight together every last penny live light brought, people and I had, a I had a bonus to be at the start of this. Year we'll take out that that was, it finished it off Went. To the, Bank March second got that money or you know ohare returns into actually being a blessing. When it's all said and done it didn't rip your. Heart out in the process wow wow good for you guys, you persevered you fought, through it together you gotta be proud of yourself I'm proud of. You great story thank you Jeff people, cheering you on No Exactly. Exactly. Okay, well they, got they got to listen to the Toby Keith. Song Right I love it well done you guys very very well. Done. What. Do, you tell. People the secret to getting out of debt is My biggest, thing is to. Believe in yourself I mean it's all worth their kids are worth it Changed, her family treats yes you did yes sir And What I say is it's all ninety. Slogan just do. It everybody sitting on the sidelines, John not sure if they want to do it or. Not sometimes things getting. Started I know so many people that are doing. Today vici- plan not doing the real thing either you do it all or, just you, know as the budget is worth. It every dollar that one hundred, dollars you pay the first month that we did. It we saved me twenty five hundred. Dollars it was crazy that we even considered not paying for the dollar Just amazing very good glad we. Were of service so you're holding the sign what's the sign say We are,.

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