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The release of that explosive report that concluded SBC leaders covered up in mishandled sex abuse allegations We're going to bob in the WTO traffic center On three 95 southbound in Virginia slogan getting past The Pentagon as you get by the workflow in single file to the right but now they are working on 95 northbound there is just one single right lane getting by before I exit one 48 Quantico very slowly South down the route 28 at 66 in Centreville Still getting my single file around the car fire I believe it's going to be to the left and southbound 28 at vent hill road did have the crash Now 66 eastbound has a couple of work zones eastbound they are working after the manassas rest area and they're getting my single file right The next work zone is near 28 Centreville also getting by single file to the right And they are now working west down on 66 near the beltway and they're a single right lane is getting past the works on And Maryland and beltway around Andrews the work zone is up again tonight two left lanes getting by on the inner loop from just pass route four headed toward Andrews So a little bit slow there And traffic on two 70 north bound the work zone after montrose road two right lanes get by but then you've got the right lane blocked up ahead near shady grove road by the crash 50 out to the bay bridge runs without delay and 95 southbound after route 32 to right lanes get passed the road work Metro wants you to ride confident with precautions like improved air filtration on buses and railcars ride easy knowing metros taking proactive measures to welcome back riders Bob lynch.

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