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The clinics will be open from 9 A.m. to 11:30 A.m. and then from 12:32:04 P.m.. Mondays through Saturdays. Some students in Prince William County Public Schools are returning to in person learning this morning some of their teachers air worried, though, that it's too soon the 2nd and 3rd graders are joining pre K through first grade students who resumed in person learning in November and December. Chuck Ronco Ah High school teacher and vice president of the Prince William Education Association, says teachers are worried about becoming infected with covert or bringing it home to family members. Definitely the fear is there. The threshold of fear has been breached many times in this process, Bronco says The superintendent's plan is a step in the right direction. Wait until late April to return students in grades four and higher, particularly on O. W. T o P News school board will consider the superintendent's plan tonight. Meantime, I returned to in person learning has been delayed in Alexandria school officials there had been planning to bring students with disabilities in grades kindergarten to second grade back to school a week from today, But the number of positive coronavirus cases and the district's transmission rates have continued to climb since the winter break. Now students with disabilities Will return with another group that's scheduled to start in person learning on January 26th parents in Fairfax County are looking for answers about when their Children will return to the classroom. We will return to school in person this coming school year, school Superintendent Scott Bray Brand repeated that statement several times during a virtual town hall at which community members were asking questions about a call to delay this month's decision. Bring some students back. Brave Brand did share some news about the cove in 19 vaccine, saying they'll begin the vaccination process for staff is early is this weekend? Although it won't be required, we're going to do all we can to provide more information about the vaccination. As far as the new reopening timeline, bravery in says we'll have a new update during the next school board meeting next month or perhaps earlier. Ken Duffy. Wtlv news Up ahead in money news changes coming to a couple of network news stations, it's not make that's 6 24. Today's innovation and government report highlights the government's I T modernization opportunities. Dan Curry honest, the director of public sector, it, RS say. Archer says agencies need to add more rigor to dealing with supply chain risks. So in many cases, you have government agencies that are trusting that contractors are doing the right thing on an ongoing basis. So we have seen agencies moving quickly, and we've helped them where they're deploying software solutions where they are tracking monitoring. And requiring their supplier community to cast demonstrate that they're secure on an ongoing basis. You know, they have controls in place and processes and procedures, practices in place that they're doing this Two agencies, air holding supplier community entities accountable on a more rigorous basis. Let r s a caress Often they're reseller partners help you imagine what your agency is capable of. Learn more at cara soft dot com slash innovation. Money. News of 25 55 down Futures are up 50 this morning. NASDAQ Futures are up. 48 S and P futures are up. 10 more big American companies are suspending a reviewing campaign donations because of the riot at the Capitol last week, among them 18 T Conical Phillips, a Dow Facebook, hallmark and ups. The Wall Street Journal says Amazon, Comcast, Airbnb, MasterCard and G have all said they'll stop donating to Republican representatives and senators who objected to the electoral College vote. Countering a joint session of Congress last week changes they're coming to program schedules at Fox News and CNN. Fox is switching at 7 P.m. hour from news to opinion with the show little feature or rotating group of hosts. CNN is adding another hour for anchor Jake Tapper, the 5 p.m. block now occupied by the situation room with Wolf blood. Sir and CNN's high profile White House correspondent Jim Acosta has been named chief domestic correspondent and weekend anchor. He'll be replaced at the White House By Caitlin Collins. MONEY news is brought to you by Allstate With all state you can really say you find out just how much you can save today, visit all ST dot com or call an agent to get a quote. Up ahead. There is a historic vote ahead. Today in the U. S house. It's 6 27 lead the new Congress. This profile brought to you by the American Bankers Association. That's Van Dine. I'm from Texas. 24, The Republican lawmaker, is the former mayor of Irving, Texas, and she's ready to make a difference in Washington. We have a lot of work on our plate. There's no honeymoon period. It all Republicans now have more women than ever in Congress and Van Dine likes the freshman class. There's a lot of energy to new ideas left. Of experience loss of successes. Van Dine says her top priorities include getting transportation legislation passed and improving health care. I'm Rob Nichols, president, CEO of the American Bankers Association..

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