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I mean he did deal in stolen cars and a regular basis. maybe it wasn't registered under his name. I don't know could have been hidden in the garage. I dunno could have been just a poor investigative work maybe like some critics claim officers assigned to this case were numerous other cases. Well just didn't care that much about anita or her testimony hughes a sex worker addicted to crack right in asia. No human evolved february nine hundred nine the south side slayer case gets derailed by police folks in your attention on the wrong guy for a lot of the killings ricky ross. A black narcotic detective arrested in his car in the strawberry. Murderers kill area. He's found smoking a cigarette with a sex worker. A sex worker. Maybe he'd gotten a little too little too friendly with other officers. Thought they were smoking crack. Ross pulled away neurotic. Manner when officers approach car then found unregistered nine millimeter gun in his truck. And that gun was unmatched to three murders w ross was charged with murdering three women but he was released after independent experts determined. Lapd had botched their ballistics testing also lapd. Chief daryl gates made allegations at ross was high on cocaine when in fact he tested negative. So what's going on here. Ross files lawsuit but loses until his death in two thousand three numerous. Lapd detectives would swear he was the killer and maybe it was one of the killers maybe got off. Thanks that botch ballistics tests. Meanwhile it appears that the grim sleeper has gone to sleep. No more women's bodies are turning up with bullet holes new chest and cocaine in their system maybe that close call with an scared lonnie into taking a break from murder or maybe. He started hiding the bodies of his victims instead of. Just leave them out in dumpsters and alleys for anyone to fight nineteen ninety-three lonnie's arrested but it doesn't have shifted sex workers or murder or crack. He's got stripping. The strip and stolen cars is charged with felony possession of stolen property. Six charges a grand theft auto. He serves from time sends to three hundred sixty five days in the county jail but due to overcrowding is out in just four months nineteen ninety. Seven lonnie receives the charge for misdemeanor. Battery does not serve time for this one. Nine seventy nine forty receives another charge for misdemeanor. Assault spends almost two years in jail when the body says started showing up in two thousand two or later linked to the lonnie's earlier murders earned the moniker of grim sleeper. For sleeping or taking a pause for murder during these years syracuse do often take breaks and killing but fourteen. Years is very atypical. But is that really happened. A lot of people. Don't think the grim sleeper actually everyday go to sleep based on examining south-central murder descriptions years later he may have killed up to fourteen additional. Jane does during that time. Franklin may be one of the most prolific serial killers in american history for we get back to his known murders of checking with lapd and the early two thousands. William bill bratton was eli's police commissioner many things that he and other elected officials paid. No public..

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