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Due to the graphic nature of these families crimes. Listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of murder and violence that some people may find offensive we advise extreme caution for children under the age of thirteen. Cap Hatfield was certain about one thing some women gossip too much for their own good. Maybe it was harmless most of the time, but when his family was under attack. He couldn't abide loose lips someone in the Hatfield clan was spilling secrets cap suspected the culprit was his sister in law. Nancy after all, she was McCoy by blood. It was foolish to trust her. The question now was what to do about her bad behavior had to be punished. Cap. Thoughtfully stared at the wall. He saw the tail of a cow nail to the wooden logs of his cabin. He had chopped it off just to see the animal jump then hung up to dry cap. Rip the tail down and brandished it like a whip swishing it through the air, he smiled as a plan began to form in his mind. Those gossiping McCoy woman had. Earned a beating, and he would be the one to give it to them. Hi, I'm Laney Hobbs. And this is crimes of passion. Apar- cast original the legal definition of a crime of passion is a violent crime that occurs in the throes of extreme emotion, leaving no time to reflect on the consequences. But in this show, we explore passionate crimes, how does marriage progress from husband and wife to kill her and victim or killer and co-conspirator if there's a thin line between love and hate what manipulates our relationships and a deadly results at par cast. We're grateful for you our listeners you allow us to do what we love let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at podcast network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. It really does help us. We also now have merchandise had depar- cast dot com slash merch for more. Formation. Beginning in eighteen sixty five the hatfields of Logan county, West Virginia and the mccoys of pike county Kentucky or locked in a lethal feud that would entangle the families and bloody cycle of violence over the subsequent twenty six years. The trouble began with the death of thirty seven year old harm in McCoy. The former union soldier was killed in January of eighteen sixty five by confederate leaning militia group, led by devil, Anse Hatfield and his uncle Jim Vance in eighteen seventy eight thirteen years after Harman's murder, his older brother Randolph McCoy accused a Hatfield of stealing his hogs at the trial to determine the ownership of the animals a McCoy cousin named Bill. Stayton testified against family lines. The mccoys were so furious about this betrayal that two of Randolph's nephews shot and killed Bill. Stayton in eighteen eighty. That same year. Twenty one year old Roseanna McCoy fell in love with eighteen year old Johnny Hatfield. But after a brief affair that left Rosanna pregnant Jones, he jilted Rosanna to marry her cousin Nancy these events pushed the McCoy's to a breaking point on election day, August seventh of eighteen eighty two three of Randolph McCoy sons stabbed and shot confederate war hero and Baptist. Deacon? Ellison Hatfield after the brawl a posse led by devil Anse Hatfield grabbed the McCoy brothers. Tolbert farmer and bud and drag them to an old school house on the West Virginia side of the tug fork river there they waited to see whether Ellison Hatfield would survive his injuries. At three o'clock in the afternoon on Wednesday, August ninth eighteen eighty two forty year old Ellison Hatfield succumbed to his wounds word quickly got back to the old schoolhouse Sarah McCoy, the mother of the captive brothers had been holding vigil outside. But when the news came in the Hatfield mob, ordered her to leave devil Anse gathered twenty of his men, he instructed them to lead the McCoy prisoners outside at nightfall. They began their journey back into Kentucky the policy was primed for murder, but one Hatfield remained reticent. Valentine Hatfield nicknamed wall Deva, Lance is oldest brother and a Justice of the peace in west Virginia's Logan county. As wall. Hatfield tourists reach the edge of the tug fork river. He watched a group of men grab Tolbert farmer, and bud McCoy and hustle them towards the riverbank the rush of the river couldn't drown out the frantic pleas of the young McCoy, boys. Wall fell doubt creep in as he stared at their tear-streaked faces wall looked around. But none of the other Hatfield men seem to be affected. He couldn't help. But think of the McCoy boy's father Randolph who had gone onto bike Ville to find a lawyer to defend his sons Randolph had put his trust in the principles of law and order up until this moment wall had dedicated his life to those same values. Now, he felt ashamed at how easily he had let his anger sweep his principles away wall. Hurt is brother Deva Lance order. The posse to take the McCoy brothers across the river into Kentucky. The prisoners would soon be outside of walls jurisdiction and beyond his responsibility. But wall felt more burden than ever. Finally. He had to speak up wall told the posse to reconsider. He reminded them that the bible prohibited. Murder, but walls brother, never had much use for religion. Devon lands. Had always been stubborn even as a boy when he had his mind set on something trying to convince him otherwise only made him dig in harder. As wall, protested devil. Anse just stared at him coldly, then ordered his men to keep going wall thought of other please. But he couldn't seem to voice them. It seemed pointless to stand up against the inflamed passions of his kin. He kept silent. And let the men drag the McCoy prisoners away. With wall gone. The rest of the men fell in mind behind Deva lands following his instructions without question before it continue with the psychology. Please note, I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, but I have done a lot of research for this show. Rebecca Saxe and associate professor of cognitive neuroscience at MIT has conducted research on how a mob mentality can prompt individuals to ignore their own morals and commit acts. They would never have considered on their own in. Her study sacks measured the brain activity of people performing a competitive task both alone. And in a group when the participants of the study acted as a group the areas of their brains responsible for self reflection or less active than when they acted alone. They were there for less capable of applying their usual standards of conduct wall Hatfield was able to overcome mob mentality, but the rest of his kin gave into it. After the group crossed the tug. Fork river the posse founded ditch not far from the riverbank a smattering of broadly Papa trees grew within this hollow the Hatfield mob tied the mccoys to the pawpaw trunks. According to witnesses Tober McCoy remained impassive. He said, I want the man who kills me to stand right before my eyes. I want to look him right in the eye ignoring Tolbert's request the hatfields tied him to the tree backwards. So that he wouldn't be able to face his executioner farmer and bud didn't make any final requests. They only sobbed. The firing squad included devil Anse and his sons twenty year old Johnny eighteen-year-old cap and fifteen year old Bob they were joined by several family members and friends, including a man named Ellison mounts known as cotton top due to his white blonde hair. Cotton top was the twenty four year old illegitimate son of Ellison Hatfield, whose death the men were now avenging cotton tops at an later account that a half field ally hung lanterns over the heads of the McCoy brothers. So that the posse would know where to aim moments later the firing squad unleashed a torrent of gunfire. The blast echoed through the mountains. Jim McCoy the oldest of Randolph McCoy sons was still awake that night. His mother Sarah had convinced him to stay away from the trouble because she didn't want another one of her sons to risk his life by getting involved. Jim was restlessly sitting on the front porch of a family friend's house? Waiting for any news to come in? When he heard the shots. He knew what those shots meant. But he hoped his intuition was wrong. He said out into the now silent woods when he came to the palm. Ditch. The hatfill posse was gone, but the bodies of his three brothers remained. The next morning Randolph McCoy returned home from pike Ville, having secured bail and legal representation for his sons only to learn he was too late. The McCoy's called on neighbors to help them retrieve the three bodies and bring them home. They were buried that day. August eleventh eighteen eighty two. Fifty-seven-year-old Randolph McCoy was ready to put together his own Lynch mob, but his wife Sarah convinced him, not to retaliate. She couldn't bear the thought of more killing Randolph relented, but the matter wasn't over the same day his sons were buried Randolph road to the town of pike Bill Kentucky to speak with the county. Prosecutors about filing indictments against his son's killers a month. After the funeral a Kentucky grand jury raw charges against devil lands. His brother wall, his sons, John and cap and sixteen other men for murder.

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