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And we are back with an all new episode of keep it. I am back in Iran, Tara. I'm Omarosa and I'm back. What age did you realize? I'm the Omarosa kief it. I was thirty one. I'm glad to be back and our way. I'm sure it was a decade getaway, a hot getaway, New York gross. I don't know why what their summer yet. That was done mobile. Yeah, I was in Vegas last week though. So there you have it. Let's right Louis was on who wants to be a millionaire. I was I was a contestant you know, I'm an obsessive game show fan, and now I'm pretty sure there are no trivia games left for me and I don't know why I'm still on earth. I can't say I am an NDA signing. Who is the host now, Chris Harrison from the bachelor who was very debonair and a very good host different than Chris Hardwick. Correct. Oh, yes. Are different people? No, I didn't have to take him down. Got it. Got it. Chris, Hardwick did get his job back though. What was his job posting? Fifteen different things. Right? Host talking dead. He had like a nervous podcast at midnight. All I know about him is that he probably abuses women. That's literally like, I, I haven't heard of him before. I know him only because of this I have no conduct's for him. Be a roast of his Wicky was raised. It's just Chris Harrison. Born nineteen seventy-one probably abused women. Since last week I talked with mean not to enduring about James Gunn. They were fabulous by the way. Thank you even nicer. You were blessed with Amina enduring and I know you messed us, but they are Verizon. There was some fence were out of pocket. Blocked some of, you know what you did well, where you were blessed with Amina Doreen are brilliant and wonderful and incredible and better what they do than most everyone living. So respect on their goddamn names. Bring on Amy Schumer next week. Oh my God. But we talked about James Gunn last week. And since then the whole cast is now petitioned Disney to rehire him array. Listen, Chris Pratt, even came out with some bible verses. The statements that was funny thing we're, they're like, we've been thinking about this and praying about this, and I was like, you know, Chris made them put and that semen. Man, it's actually kinda funny to me because it's like the right wing crazy people going against the guardians of the galaxy people. But Chris Pratt is in the middle of this. So he's like this religious right person to right Chris, Pratt, the worst part about avengers only because not hymns like as a person, but his character, whatever spoiler if you've seen, it's been going digital now I was so angry and that you have got to be fucking kidding me. You were messing all this shit up for green girlfriend who's probably not really dead in the first buck in place. I walked out, I was furious. So I've projected onto Chris Pratt as a person you, I feel like they're going to adapt green girlfriend next. That's the next French girlfriend. He's probably still alive, starring scroll. Joe, his right ring, girlfriend. Sorry, Zoe. She's going to shoot out. She's going to issue a statement to the green community. I'm one of you understand you coming up later. This episode, we have a guest. I am very excited about mardi knocks n. I have loved her since puffy the vampire slayer, but she is also a producer, sharp objects, diet land, code black girlfriends guys, divorce unreal. She's doing everything. So we're going to talk to her a little bit later on the show..

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