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The. Hello and welcome back to control out delete hosted by me and gawain very excited for today's guest. As I always, I'm every week just love every single gas. That comes on this podcast. Today's guest is Felicity Jones, the brilliant actor she's known for many things being in the worst witch playing Ethel she's being in Spiderman to the tempest amounts to calls and rogue one Star Wars story and many other amazing films. I loved her performances Jane hawking in the film, the theory of everything alongside at red main, and she was nominated for a BAFTA and all Skar and a Golden Globe and an two thousand sixteen she received the BAFTA Britannia award for British artist of the year today. I'm interviewing flippity about her newest role in an amazing film. Could on the basis of sex. It's a bio pic about supreme Justice Ruth beta Ginsburg, aka the notorious, AVI, Jay, she is a full on icon, an eighty five she still remains one of the most progressive hopes that we have and just such an amazing women who has really trail blazed and fought for gender equality. There's also been a documentary out recently about all BG, which has been such incredible box office heads. So the timing. Couldn't be better this film on the basis of sex to to becoming out. I found the film very moving. I did cry lot during it. It's an amazing empowering story of a woman who just doesn't give up. And it's also a love story. She had such an incredible relationship with her husband Marty who was played by on how much in the film. And it's also a very interesting and moving story about a mother and daughter, and how different the mother and daughter are. Considering the times in which they grew up. The script was written by Ruth beta Ginsberg's, nephew Daniel, St. Pullman and Ruth bait against bug was really supportive of the film. She opened up a lot apparently and really was very transparent with her personal life and about the behind the scenes of job, and it was directed by the brilliant Mimi leader. So hope you enjoyed this interview. We just chatted about the film. I love the film so much, and I really recommend you going to see it. It's really timely. It's important. And it's also really quite feel at the end. So I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you enjoyed it, please. Do you leave a rating or a review on ITN's? I always really appreciate that say the other people confined discover the poed cost say thank you again. And here it is. I love the film so much. Thank you fantastic. I'm with the amazing list Jane's he plays estate against the notorious RB, and she is notorious she's phenomenal. What she's achieved? Yes, fascinating. How she's become such a punk icon in her from probably from her early eighties. The Netflix documentary has just come out as well, hasn't it? Yeah coincidence. We actually we were making film at the same time as they were making the documentary. And when I went to Washington to to meet Justice Ginsburg, I also saw an interview that they were doing with her for the documentary, and we shed some of their footage that had some they had some only footage of Ruth Monte on their honeymoon. And that was incredibly useful for all me. And I in in playing I bet 'cause I watched the film in a preview, and I and overseen very lucky to get to see the film before it's out. And I thought there'd be other people in the in the cinema. I was on my own just watching it. And I cried the the hallway through as anyone else said that to you is a common response..

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