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May I join Mike and to code writers as we bring you the nitty gritty of producing a late night? Show another insights about working in the comedy industry. We'll be talking to CONAN's staff celebrity guests and even Conan himself if we can get coenen inside CONAN premiers. May I wherever you get your podcast? Oh God I'm so sorry. Let's just a mailman dog all right. Well let's start the podcast. Hey so little enthusiasm you again. How often do you get to talk to me eat? Well I just want to finally confront you about your Habitual Pants shitting. Okay confront you your pants. Shitter admit clapback you for that our you how how seriously I may see this is what's fun about. This podcast is that I get to talk to people that I know and love and have known for a million years just like ask them prying personal questions that I normally wouldn't so you always asked me prying personal kweskin. Yeah and you always come up with a joke. You always deflect with your comedy. So no jokes today Yeah no no no but I mean seriously. How are you holding up during this tie and doing okay? I would say if it's all relative but if you look at my family unit My wife is built for this because My wife comes from this. A breed of sort of Welsh Scottish English. Waspy just WanNa stay at home anyway and I've always joked that they're hobbits 'cause they're very content to like make granola. Look out the window They're they're wonderful people great people but they're the last thing they want to do is get on a plane go somewhere or rush around and both my kids Fourteen and sixteen are very good at living online and very sort of built for this. There's I think there's a generation it's kind of built for the game with their friends. They really smart about taking their online classes. They Know How to upload their homework means. Just they've been preparing for this somehow and then. I'm the one that's having trouble as you can imagine because you've known me for years and I'm Hyper Kinetic. I'm always moving. I need to constantly be physically putting my hands on people Edges problem. Now I know I know I know but Biden told me it was fine right now. I like I grew up in a family of six and so the boys in the family were constantly and constantly wrestling and I just never got over that part. Like as you know. I'm always wrestling our head writer or or I just need to physically touch a lot of the writers. I don't touch the women. I'll make that very clear because I'd ask them if it's okay and they've said no right But they say no the yelled no they yelp. They banned symbols together. You Away Yeah Land. But I know I'm very so and of course I invented this whole other job for myself. Which is traveling the world and jumping on planes and going places and jumping into crowds of people that's always been the essence of. I think what made me happy? So everyone stay inside and don't move much and stay away from other. People has been frustrating for me Damn missed the studio audience. Because I know I feel like you get a charge out of that I do. I think I it's funny because I think I think I've noticed. This is something that You and I are very different. We have similarities in. Were very different. Some ways I get something from an audience I get a charge and you're always in a good way. Think uninfluenced by meaning if a crowd is terrible I think I lose some of my energy and if crowds really great I get energy and I think I've noticed that you're a strength of yours. Is that when a crowd is giving you what you want? You're still you're south and you're very comfortable with your own rhythm and knowing what to do and I think I've gotten better at it over the years I used to live or die by the crowd and you would say like well. What are they have to do with it? Air Making a funny show and well and especially the studio in the studio audience is just a soundtrack that we can manipulate whereas it's the people at home watching the show. That are the young audience but is to get. I used to get my use use to get my feelings hurt. Honestly I would I WOULD. I. I'm very thin skinned and I'm very Influenced by You know a if if random person says you suck you know if a million people tell me I'm great. One person says you suck obviously think about the person who said you suck for months afterwards in wonder. Why would my father say that there? We go as your show. That's a common. That's a commonality though. I mean I think it's like you know I definitely notice that in in our studio audience if there's one person sitting with their arms crossed and like without smiling and just kind of like the there. It looks like the You know the dad that was dragged to this thing and never thought much. Yeah and that's the person I see. The smiling happy faces enjoying themselves are like a visual white noise. But the only thing I see is the person having a bad time and I and it's not like that. They panicked me. I just fuck you motherfucker like just when you're twenty now but it's when you say that rolling.

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