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Investors at John Gary Kaltbaum you're hosting thanks for being with us today glad you're here ladies and gentlemen happy that you are listening it is Friday it's may first it's two thousand and twenty and we're here to talk about everything and we mean everything that affects you your well being your money your jobs the economy we shall come forth first off I don't know what city you all live in I don't even know what country all live and we get I got an email the other day from Afghanistan not getting wherever you are enjoy the weekend we do know in many places at least in the state things are opening up I can tell you tomorrow morning I'm going to the beach but I will stay clear of the crowd because that's what's being asked of us I'm going to the beach it's gonna be nice here in Florida whatever you do what ever you do enjoy yourself whatever you do be strong stiff upper lip will come out of this don't know when don't know how but we will and all that crap so ladies and gentlemen the mainstay of the show was on him the greatest technician on earth and there's reasons for that number one we know we're going to be wrong but when we are wrong wrong small in wrong fast than when we were right get the big picture right for a very long time been telling you to avoid oils for I can't begin to tell you how long Boeing I can't begin to tell you how long Neil the top in the market February twenty first on the show for you for me the bottom March twenty third we called a low never know if it's going to turn into the low and I gotta tell ya we're not even sure yet it is the low though it looks like it probably is but we also do know is we've explained to you here we are in a just a moment in time with them we have the most news driven environment of all time the most news driven environment all time and we don't know which way this virus is going to go we're opening up right now but what if what if then whatever city state they open things up a bowling alley or whatever it may be and all the sudden we find out five people get the virus there what do you think happens next yeah I am one that says if I can go down the street here in lake Mary Florida and see a target open next to the target is.

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