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Then dj james kennedy all my dad's coming here and his dad comes and his dad has the teeth of an englishman holy shit what is going on i do they does dental i guess dental insurance is not included in like an average insurance deal i don't know but he comes in houston be best friends with george but since they broke up they went from a beautiful house to a small apartment but he always was a dj and inspired dj james kennedy so nen we go to jackson birthday and brittany is gonna throw it at hitters y'all that's where i was working when i first got here in jack slacks hot wings and we're just gonna have a party and i'm gonna get real i'm going to just look great for it so let me just put my hair abundance glasses and then everybody loves britney so much that no matter what she's wearing she could be like just laying on her couch sick with a cold glasses of the button and they're like your fucking hot what you look great you could get a lot better guy than jacked oh thank you thank you i but i love him i love jags i told my daddy daddy it's britney hey slip was somebody i know you told me but i love him i love being on the show i don't wanna go back to work at hooters in kentucky and i liked diff son where adult wanna do i will mama's had put everything into it so i'm just gonna try real hard then they all give him romper which nncholas told me they were four hundred dollar offers from mr trina turk or mr turk is his name trina turk is the wife i love her clothes and he's got very very metro sexual clothes for men that are really pretty cute very palm springs anyway that's where they got this wrong for sure so they do a little romper fashion show and i do have to give it to these kids they really do bring a fun show for us tweedle dee tweedle dum showed up for another.

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