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Was worried about the implications because he invited to the White House many of the. Main participants scientists involved in. Neil's bowl Who who was quite open about what an old for weapon this would be. Very much hoped that it will be necessary to use it. And that was one of the reasons. Why attended Iran? He was so concerned. To get a stolen to. Agreed to enter the war against Japan. Were neutral towards Japan. And couldn't afford a war on two fronts, themselves and They were manning, but starting did agree that the moment hit levels defeated the Russians moved into the world s Japan and in truth. They Russians flavor million men. Into Manchuria so. He wasn't. In deceitful or anything stood by his little I. Think if the. Against hope that would be possible to get the Japanese to surrender. For Having! Either, to launch. An amphibious invasion of Japanese Islands Ole. In the end, use the atomic. I. I, think myself. Jury's out as to whether it's Tokyo speculative as to whether. You would counterfactual history, but Mike He wouldn't have hesitated to use it. If. Except me, once sold The the casualties from the invasion volcano. It was clear that. Japanese were not any defending to the last. Man Last soldier that they were actually forcing Japanese civilians to permits side. At Kapp idea Americans of an array could. Give me. And So I. I! Think had he had. He not died I'm pretty show ultimately. He probably would've used the at mom reveling. And but. In that sense, he was by dying in April of ninety five four has proved that would actually He was. Terrible decision which Credit Icing Harry Truman? Nobly to right now. One of the things you you wrote about also is the creation of the United Nations FDR's plan to prevent another world war. What was he trying to accomplish out Yalta with regards to the United Nations. Well they had already had. The United Nations is very much. FBI isn't. Notion. You know he'd Beaten Assistant. Secretary of the Navy in World War, one and the one who'd been the invest signed the time first sight treat. The. Failure of the United States to join the League of Nations. have. doomed. Prospects for peace after terrible will go. One was snuggie. Determine that. That shouldn't be repeated. At four there should be some he wanNA use. Woods League of Nations because I've been liquidated. So. He invented festival. The. United! Nations, for those countries who of fighting. The Japanese. But, then he decided that. He should be once the end of war. Cain it. That should be an organization. would be cool. The United Nations would have. is where we country would. Be Able to participate in have a representative. So. At! Yalta he was so desperately sick. I mean manage a few hours a day. He was just determined. Russians agreed to participate in them. The United Nations porject. Even if it meant giving them more seat for representatives Than than they were in the united, states began just. George always Ben Wool. Right at so. I think it's one of his again. wannabees great achievements who did get actions to sign up to it and. And the Russians are still. Part of the United Nations overnight station. The other thing was he felt that the United Nations and such would be a great token for the and we'll do great things. Perhaps in education will help us to..

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