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Jackson heights and if you're heading for westbound route for watch because of construction in Englewood that's right by Grand Avenue and if you're heading south bound on the garden state parkway the doing some repair work by age one sixty on Long Island ally even within state seven state moving well I'm Steve Reggie talk radio seventy seven WABC. I'm John Batchelor good evening. Christopher Nixon **** my colleague can cause a friend and I are in Baku Azerbaijan. this is the shores of the Caspian Sea where it is now don on a beautiful September day Chris and I are here to attend an investment opportunity confab of CEOs and others interested in not only the energy development of the Caspian Sea which is a rich resource for Asia minor as well as Europe but also the diversification of those investment opportunities that's why of the meeting we will attend all day today when we leave the studio is of great interest we're also here to connect with the geo strategy of the south Caucasus that has been a troubled region since the end of the Soviet Union. there are events in the world however the Chris and I because we have our eye phones with this at all times a sleeper way are connected to there's the domestic news of Nancy Pelosi's decision to vouch safe and inquire a of impeachment very loaded language there is also the expectation of the October first event in Beijing. China the people's Republic of China the Communist Party will congratulate itself with military. display a peacock to splash knowing that there are troubles in Hong Kong knowing that their troubles and Xin Jiang and brutality of the weaker peoples Turkic peoples who are greatly in common historically with the people of Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea knowing that the economy is a broken business model knowing that food security is absent I could continue but the man who helped me learn all these things is with me this evening I welcome Gordon Chang our colleague his in my studio in the ark of the daily beast garden of very good evening to you just because we have an opportunity just state one more time this October first event the seventieth marking of the founding of the people's Republic of China what do you expect the mood to be in Beijing that today of the people of China good evening to you good evening John is ironic but this is the people's Republic of China but during that seventieth anniversary celebration which will be a massive military parade there really will be no people watching it live they'll be of reviewing stand of notables but the people of the people's Republic are kept away from the parade site and that is an indication of how in secured China's leaders have been and will be on October first. we immediately got thanks to the guidance we got from the embassy of Azerbaijan in the United States and scholar dot com we immediately go to our colleague Steven Yates who has institutional memory because Stephen who is the CEO of DC I advisory now in Washington was with the bush Cheney administration yeah early in two thousand and one before the attack on New York and Washington and we spent the last nineteen years turning to the threats from the jihadists however you will recall there was an episode downing of an American surveillance craft navy and a an exchange of sharp words between the bush administration and Mister Cheney I was a spot as an outspoken are representative of American strain and the then Chinese administration Chinese government the Communist Party when she didn't pick was learning his lessons of provocation and non transparency Steve was all there so it's good to have Steve here now anticipating October first and Steve I ask one more turn of the screw here to integrate your thoughts about the president's presentation before the United Nations and how China is doing with the ambition of the trump administration and the trade deal good evening to stave. a good evening John well I thought that the president's remarks before the United Nations were some of his best most organized and effective communication yes for the world about what I think they have tried not to understand but now must start to start to understand of what he means by his America first policies rebalancing of alliances rebalancing of relationships with key competitors around the world of the focus on China was particularly effective the focus on a wrong with effective the language that he used to couch the challenge in Hong Kong about how the Chinese leadership choose to handle and resolve the issues with the people of Hong Kong will shape the way we perceive the kind of country trying to be coming in the role to play in the world it was it was fairly effective in terms of in terms of framing of what his strategy is and as we called it in a bursary though I think the key point is to recall that the eighth decade of the Soviet Union was not kind to that empire I suspect the advent of this a decade of this evil empire will be. Steven it's Chris **** here good to hear her voice tonight my question centers on Hong Kong and the protest we seen there of course their linkages between Hong Kong and Taiwan and how the Communist Party will handle that and of course that also implies the greater region going into the South China Sea and then some of the Pacific island chains of their also around China and we've seen some movement with some of those island nations in the South Pacific to move towards Taiwan maybe you could just talk a little bit about those linkages between Hong Kong and Taiwan in the greater region and China's strategy there. certainly well historically there's been not at close of a relationship as one might have imagined between their government people of Taiwan and the government people of Hong Kong Lincoln had a very different colonial experience in the British and so I I one had a colonial experience of the Japanese and then martial law under the KMT and so there's someone in the distance between the two peoples but I think the people of Taiwan have watched with a great degree of interest and and also admiration as the scene the people of Hong Kong stand up for their own rights at great risk but it into very very significant numbers up and up again the Communist Party of China it has reawakened I think a sense of identity in purpose among the people of Taiwan and is shaping the environment before their January presidential legislative elections China though not to be outdone is busily trying to buy our allies of the of of the Taiwan government trying to take away some of the few remaining formal diplomatic allies in so now we're at a stage now where I think it's even more imperative for the Congress in the US administration and other like minded countries around the world to stand by those that are willing to confront the Communist Party for what it is. a garden first of all I'd like to urge everybody to listen to Steve's testimony tomorrow before a subcommittee of the Senate foreign relations committee he's going to talk about Hong Kong Steve just a quick question the events in Hong Kong have affected Taiwan's election run up to the election in in January of next year it seems like tying when the president of Taiwan was dead politically but she seems to have been revived by all of the problems in Hong Kong if you could just quickly explain that. well it is true that in just sort of the general analysis of the type residency that hit someone of a low point the fall of last year and some local elections one very very poorly for her ruling party in when she was chosen her primary but in a in a very ironic or odd way she didn't paying and his somewhat gratuitous warnings of a get to the people of Taiwan in their new year's eve a new year's address and then some of the activities of course this year given president Ty opportunities to respond appealed to the the self respect and also concerns in the time one people I think that the primary actually made her stronger politicians with an odd way it seems as though she's in pain the Communist Party has a backhanded endorsement of president size reelection just in terms of reshaping the politics certainly the way the Beijing has almost killed the one country two systems model in Hong Kong has greatly affected any parties ability in Taiwan this information he could be with the Communist Party hi Steve which is have moments your instincts are very good your political actor are you anxious about October first in Hong Kong or Beijing for violence. I'm more anxious about Hong Kong I know many good friends and Gordon was just there with some other good friends too week you know I I think that there is the the people of Hong Kong in extraordinary numbers just thinking a third of the entire population have are so concerned about their freedoms and our future they filled the streets nothing like that ever happened and in human history elsewhere as far as I can tell I think that they are likely to demonstrate on that day and I'm I'm a little bit concerned about what the Chinese authorities one this upon putting down those demonstrations on that day we would like to believe they wouldn't want a whole book public relations black guy but at this point he's like a national with them over all else to them. Steven Yates the CEO of DC I international adviser a former member of the bush administration Gordon Chang of the daily beast Christopher Nixon **** of Liechtenstein institute thanks to the sponsorship and guidance of the embassy of Azerbaijan in the United States and scholar dot com a global technology company.

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