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The money that would be generated which you look back to billy madison unhappy gilmore and observers to on their films i mean those those were yes they were classics and they were absolutely huge films another guy you my one including there's jim carey yeah jim carrow road with two ace ventura films and of course dumb and dumber and liar liar what's the last two cooper here what's the last really successful movie jim cooper has done i mean jim cooper gymnast kerri as doug bruce rally bruce almighty creator lin teen years ago right another name might be a mike myers the austin powers throw it out a ton of you well who would be underrated that also would be under like a lot of people i think are not thinking about adam sandler the other guy that would be under the radar little bit because i don't think he's a household name so to speak tyler perry because tyler perry has made so many movies that have done the insanely well at the box office that i think you're algorithm i don't think that he's like crossed over into the mainstream in the same way and i think that would that would be a name that what he was definitely not alive guy one other name owed says robin williams uh obviously gone now which you look at mrs doubtfire and even good by the way could johnathan all his his house fire now more than the other interlocutor so as politically incorrect the reason why i ask you as i said around a watched it on thanksgiving literally on thanksgiving day with my boys my fourth grader in my first greater and my three year old you know how threeyearold is he kinda runs around he's not watching it whole time but my boys really love that movie and i'm wondering if you tried to make mrs doubtfire now would everybody come back and say oh my.

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