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This stuff out and she rules on Asleep Gabrielle. Union rules Yeah Madonna. That was photographed on a hotel balcony in Miami getting cozy with her boyfriend Elimelech Williams. He's twenty five she's sixty one. He's one of her backup dancers. There's which I guess maybe means there might be some weird interoffice romance boss employee thing going on but guess what. I'm not going to have that conversation today. Ed Page six described. The photo set saying quote on a balcony of their hotel. Williams was pictured with his arms around the singers waste and his hands caressing her stomach. Comic and quote they continue describing the next photo saying quote in another photo Williams seems to be massaging Madonna shoulders while resting his head on hers. Hers a shirtless Williams later appeared on the same balcony. Smoking a cigarette and quote. I think he's cute. I did medium dive on his instagram. And he's got a picture of himself. onstage behind Madonna but no other signs of a serious relationship or anything he does this one video of himself dancing that he posted back in July that I watched maybe like ten times basically. He's dancing in an alleyway and halfway through the video like this van turns on behind him and looks like like it's GonNa drive at him but he doesn't see it anyway. The van just like waits patiently with its lights on in the background almost kind of waiting for Alamo Alec to to stop dancing and that it was kinda funny I logged according to page six Alamo alike and Madonna have been an item for a few months. Now they wrote quote. This is not the first first time mother of six. Madonna has been seen being flirty with younger Williams. She's posted backstage instagram fodder of two including a video of her celebrating her tour by grinding grinding up against him as he sipped champagne she also posted a shot of him boarding her helicopter and quote. Hey congrats on your love guys. I wish I could watch this relationship. Blossom like in maybe a reality TV format Kinda like when Mariah Carey Day deter back up dancer Bryant Tanaka and we got to see that love bloom on the beautiful but short lived reality. Show Mariah's world. They should bring back Mariah's world. It is seriously one of the best reality shows of all time basically. I only talked about this story so that I would have an excuse to bring up. MARIAH's world go watch Mariah's world this has been a public service announcement. Maria has world is good Remember Rachel from meets world. She was like in the later seasons when boy meets world took place at College. Anyway she's doing porn are now. The actress Maitland Ward has gone on this very cool self actualized sex positive journey and she just did a really long really interesting interview with the daily beast about it. The daily beast is saying she's quickly risen to the porn industry's a list after only entering the mainstream porn world. Like five months ago they wrote quote ward who is now forty two recently collected two nominations at the avian awards otherwise known as the Oscars for porn for best three way sex scene and best supporting actress. They came thanks to her. Turn in drive in ambitious erotic thriller directed by Kagan Cross that clocks in at three hours hours and twenty nine minutes. Just one minute. Shy of Scorsese's the Irishman and quote maitland talks about how she got into porn saying she started posting sexy picks herself after getting into 'cause playing at comic conventions she said quote. I had a publicist who was like stop putting up sexy pictures. They will not hire you for anything if you do that. Once you get past thirty thirty five they don't hire you for doing sexy stuff. You should be auditioning to play Disney MOMS and quote. She eventually used her massive social media following to start a patriotic and only only fans account where she raked in some serious dough in the interview. She talks about how she made sixty two grand in just one month last year from only fans in in the interview. She talked candidly about how funny it is that people look down on her for doing porn. Now saying quote so when people say she had to turn to porn. I laugh because this is a good thing and I'm making more now. She later added quote. My husband's been supportive of me because this is something. That's in me that I need to do and that I like to do. And it's just another kind of performance and quote. I mean I love this Rachel and boy meets. World is doing porn now. And she's like feminist and cool and gushing about female L. Porn directors that she likes and guess what she seems passionate I- supporter. I'd love to see like a scorsese. esque movie about Rachel from boy meets world getting into porn. I'm pretty sure I spend way too much time on the Internet because this next thing that I'm about to talk to you about has given given me brain worms or something because I I literally can't stop thinking about it. Shout out to my friend. Johnny Lozada Nick. Deeming this to me. Because it's truly turned my world upside down and soon it will turn your world upside down or maybe not because you're probably like a normal sane well adjusted human being anyway anyway yesterday journalists Evan Ross Katz tweeted a screen shot of some tweets from Bobby Burke who's one of the stars of Queer Eye. The first tweet said quote. Just GonNa leave this right here and it featured a photo of bobby with some retro spiky hair and yellow tinted glasses. He's giving off Major. Dr Jack Shas a from in sync vibes. The weird part about this photo is that there's a date on it and that date is September ninth. Two two thousand one when a fan called us out and wrote quote the date. I'm scared Bobby. Responded saying quote Yes dot dot sadly the world changed forever ever days later sad face crying Emoji and quote is it just Muir's this weird the way he talks about nine. Eleven after posting Kahad throwback. I Dunno it's odd and also he clearly cropped other people out of the photo but decided to not crop out the date. So it's like a weird deliberate choice. It's all too much. I know. Technically this isn't even newsworthy. And it might not even seem that weird to you but I had to tell someone about it and since you're listening to my podcast that someone is you unfortunately anyway check out the photo of you want. It's on twitter at Evan. Ross cats if you're wondering what. Some of the other members members of queer eye were up to lately. Well I'll tell you Anthony Proski and Jonathan Van Ness attended. The cats premiere last night. For some reason. My a broken brain thinks that bobby burks nine eleven tweets are more interesting and more newsworthy than the actual premiere of cats which happened last night and honestly it was just a normal premier. Nothing that interesting happened. It pales in comparison to Bobby burks. Nine eleven tweets Pale. I'm so sorry to be engaging in Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt discourse. But I'm a human being. Okay I'm only human and because I'm only human talking about Brad Pitt. And Jennifer Aniston calms me at centers me. It makes we feel safe. It's a familiar warm sensation to speculate about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. It makes me feel like like I don't know like it's two thousand and two. Oh and I'm at the grocery store and I'm seeing their faces on Colosio magazines next gum. There are so few things in life that are guaranteed. You've got death you've got taxes taxes and most importantly you have Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt discourse and. Guess what I'm not above it okay. I'm really not above engaging in Jennifer Aniston I and Brad Pitt discourse in that is what brings me to today's topic. which is that Brad Pitt? went to Jennifer Aniston's Christmas party this weekend. People covered the story saying quote the morning. Show Star fifty how to tree trimming party on Saturday which was attended by star studded list of guests including reading Gwyneth. Paltrow Kate Hudson and Jimmy Kimmel as well as her ex husband. A source tells people end quote. Guess Jennifer Aniston does love a tree terming party every year. I'm going to go ahead and expose myself as not really knowing what tree trimming means. But that's not important here. What's important is that every every time Brandon Jenner in the same room? It causes the media's brain break everyone constantly assumes they're getting back together when they're within a mile of each other and that my friends is precisely what Jen Aniston Brad Pitt. Discourse is all about but don't get too excited. It seems like they're you're not getting back together. I know shocking right. According to people quote a source told people that reconciliation between Pitt and the actress was highly unlikely and quote. That felt good. I love engaging in Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt discourse. It's like getting a back massage in a hot tub of.

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Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Elimelech Williams discussed on Celeb News Ride Home

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