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Video right. I mean video when it came out like i was double x._l. Editor at the time and then <hes>. I remember vividly like oh. This is like is happening for this. Cruel like mob is going to be happy and you know. I really kind kind of became a viral figure. Oh yeah video so with that said though i think since at the end of the day we are an occupation podcasts. You said that you shot. There's video for like a forty dollar budget dollar budget and now i'm not saying that's possible for everybody right mind all the equipment for free karma loop yeah so we we borrowed all the equipment but you know now what i'm trying to ask what like for people that i wanna make a video right for music video. What is like an advice that you would give and this particular instance because you were able to give it's not about the tools you have because you could shoot with the iphone nowadays an iphone great quality nowadays. You can put a little you know lens filter on your iphone. Whatever yeah it's not the tools. It was never about the tools for us. Since the beginning yeah it was never about the tools you gotta be hungry. You got to be creative. Don't go after the money just that you know just just if if you find somebody super talented and they vibe with you which was the situation with your just vibe we clicked my brother was already making his music and he kinda virg- also kind of admired us because he knew my background will star trek so he was like yo rocky love star trek so they're like yo. You're already somebody that was working with the clips yeah. So of course we trust you with a free video. You know whatever so we did this video for free on signed. It starts going viral at the bergin. I also had the traveler choline. We were partners in together. So we were pushing the cloning and i remember preorder going crazy on the video came out because we so trap lord at our shop alumni yeah yeah yeah yeah. I don't a new thing now new stuff going on. It's kind of like trap one phase of his life now. He's doing some new stuff. You'll see concrete chandeliers so so you were doing a lot of different stuff so okay cool so so the rocky saw it he loved it loved this work video and then that led to me doing basalt rocky in aunt and the flapper zombies so now all of new york starting to pop again because new york was kind of like still for a little bit yeah senior. Two thousand twelve was like ah the beast coast era so you had bodega bam's you had flatbush. Zombies is fair or bad ass. All this stuff was coming in. I was there right in the right time. In the midst of that era start video for all those guys yeah through carl. We did a video for joey through carmello. We did a video of flapper zombies and world's fair through karma loop so we used our connections and the job advantage and and used tools we had the limited amount of tools. We had just got creative with it. Yeah made video that ended up being viral. That's amazing so now that we're the past google phase where we know what music video team looks like so in terms of like these barebones operations. What are the rules so you're the director yeah. I'm the director of operations and my wife is my executive producer. She's putting the budget together. Cutting outing the checks making the negotiations happen really without my wife. I would still be broke like 'cause. I didn't know what the hell to do our money and how to manage money or how to charge people or how to negotiate by wife was like really willing to take that role on me. She said you focus on the creative. Let me handle title the money. Let's make it happen and so we became business partners. So what's your wife producer before. She meant you ever like my wife was. When i was the karma loop she was about to go back to school for accounting. Get her master's degree. Her background was in finance and things like that yeah so my my wife has also been golly very traditional household as well so her parents are like so funny when we got married yeah shoot tell her parents i worked at a university diversity which was true did but i was doing video for university yeah. They could never tell me. I was doing rap videos right. Oh my soul so for the two years. Here's i was very good now. Imagine you like putting on your leg like go to asian boy when meeting her parents and changing back and yeah. I'm like yeah you know. I'm at the school for two years. I little white lie for two years. I was the senior editor a dole exo. I have never brought home. Issue issue magazine physical tells because they will flip through should and then we'll fucking flip out exactly. It's just like it's hard to explain what we do now. It's even more hard exp- because he does everything right now for sure. You're doing podcast radio journalist analyst. You're an entrepreneur wanna do it. All we're in a different era. We are lucky because our parents dealt with all the b._s. They'd have that luxury yeah you. I know they had to put the work in day and night so we could have the luxury you take that risk in fact they put a roof over head yeah and we could take that risk even if they didn't say what we were doing so i will say that played a role too especially for asian kids. You know if your parents are like not understanding what you're doing just know at least from my experience. They'll always going to have a roof over your head and cooked meal. No matter what you do so you come home. They're gonna cook something. That doesn't get aggressed. I guess that is the asian privilege yeah the we have. A lot of people don't talk about the asian privilege. There is asian privilege alleged to write asians come from a culture whether you're brown green.

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New York, Editor, Bodega Bam discussed on $6.99 Per Pound

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