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Oh, there's a, there's a store I want to say about Mojave. Mojave is a very interesting stop on our journey. That's we're, I take our bathroom break. I'll go ahead and top off the car, get a diet, red bull. We go right down the road, let the dogs do their business, but Mojave it's not the most memorable place in the world or I, I don't want all it is memorable because we're talking about it. For the people that I always like EDNA. I mean, if you're not from there, you probably don't get it. It's not even near EDNA, but you know what I'm saying? There's like a couple of gas stations and a lot of stores that have been shut down, but people that are just a little bit differently. Get guy when you ask about those gimmick shades at that part storms as wing. Got it. Or if it ain't on a shelf. We got it. Yeah, I kind of attitude one time we was gassed up. If you remember this out sitting there gas, I look right beside me in the dues on aside the pope and he's sitting there smoking a cigarette while he's gases up. I'm like, dude, what are you doing? It just looked at me like I was just some idiot, like maybe you value your life very much, but I've, you might. I have precious cargo in my Yukon XL in the name of two dogs, and my lustrous wife do smoking a cigarette while his gas initiate up. Well, it's just kind of a weird town because you wonder who lives there and what do they do? Well, I mean, you'd wonder the same thing about EDNA, but I'm just saying it's very. Interesting. We've seen some very interesting things in Mohave and interesting things is there's an apparel shop there. Every time we go through there. We see this damn billboard what's called intimate encounters, intimate encounters and his lingerie and adult toys. Mojave what's the population of Mojave? Eight thousand people. Eight thousand five thousand. I'd say click seven hundred, seven hundred while I mean there's seven gas stations. They're like Burger King. Carl's junior, and there's intimate encounters lingerie store and adult toys.

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