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Team do well i don't need them to obtain warren jake area i don't see them winning a bidding war on yu darvish but i see them may be been able to go make a move for chris archer maybe jayco torrisi for free agents they point you know tyler chat without their i the thing you got to be careful if you're the brewers and i say this i'm kind of going back on something i say because people all the time i your calls from people all the time and and i don't like him i don't like this this attitude because they think it's shortsighted where people call up especially last year not so much this past year all the brewers are always rebuilding look bad they've been they just need to spend horrible and my response has always been david turns is still us a brand new gm it doesn't matter what was happening with the brewers five years ago it doesn't matter what was happening with the brewers ten years ago that has euro impact you know if they had this it is still doug melvin round and then you know there's a a larger sample of work that you camera judge everybody on you can't really he he caught say they will ability ten years ago and they're still rebuilding now well it's a brand new regime it's completely different uh so i say let's say this uh this is a team whether was jeff soup on matt garza kyle loesch fatigued them they're they're they're bigger picture free agents means of the last ten years have not gone great may i think the reason they did not go great eight because to me 'do signings there were some desperation there like they they had to go sign this guy so we're gonna get into this bidding war and we're going to outbid other teams will then you end up spending more money than you should a none of those contracts were especially good this isn't david stern's doesn't hand out bad contracts he just doesn't you know the worst contract out was to neftali felise and it was a.

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