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Against the covert nineteen virus. He was in hospital. He said i'm gonna get vaccine when i get outta here so he was going to get it off style. Okay good. i'm so happy said that but too late so don't wait too late to get it get it now. Get it. while you can. After speaking with their pastor davis's wife does you don't necessarily have a later and being in the hospital too late to be for. Some people is gonna be too late you know and there was plenty of opportunity before now right lost to hold as husband. Yeah father to your child. This should is a provider. Businessman light a personnel being a community. Man overweigh this senseless. This is pointless died at her husband's waken memorial. This friday and saturday at temple christian center in rock ledge would be a perfect opportunity to vaccinate others in the community. The churches partnering with the state to offer the pfizer and johnson and johnson vaccines at faith temples administrative offices. Cova testing will also be available. What is it that we can do to get that population at twenty to forty to understand. This is real so we wanted to bring this to life. this show. that marquees is a real person. Not just a number. On a piece of paper i have a couple of people Tell me no you know looking at this. I'm going to get this vaccine. And i was like yes. We'll get it. He didn't have a fighting chance. But you can. Yeah and i mean the run. And i i know some people point out the obvious because everyone does whatever weddings people that dies like. Look how look at their way. Look how old they were. Look at this. The thing is twenty eight years. Oh dow and everyone thinks they're safe of it anyway. Everyone for the most part is like i'm good. I'll be fine and you could even the people that like these republicans issue. It's not like these all these vegan athlete. Top tip top shape motherfuckers. Like every like people just on a general. Because we're america. Have a super of overconfidence ourselves. And we all think we'll be good. They're six hundred twenty thousand people dead. It does no need for you to be one. You know like you wanna fighting chance. At least the vaccine gives you a fighting chance. That's all i. Won't you know what i mean. So this is why. I started day. What happens when his medical debt comes due. Come on you know you brought that up. Someone brought up. How would they had a heart attack a year ago. They had a charity thing and their town where they gave some money and in a way to financial caused after that. And i was thinking how big charity coffer. How big is that. How big is that. Fund can handle everybody because a lot of fuck are getting this shit going to hospital or having longtime sicknesses getting having to go to their doctor getting medicines. Some people ain't got insurance. This vaccine literally saving people. Money saving people's lives and people still like i rather take. Let's say you think. I can handle the my immune systems. It's fine but somehow you end up in the hospital or god forbid you want those people that get in the hospital you gotta get into rate and stuff for to live. Yeah two three months later. You come out of the you alive. Despite all the health complications that come with you also have a fucking beal. Yeah insurance is ain't gonna cover with thing. Trust insurance going start adjusting and adapting assurance companies ally. We are not allowed them on. How can we fix this. They're going but i don't do like smoking or nonsmoking cova don covy like they're going to be like vaccinated the non-vaccinated that will determine you'll raise insurance company angle up picking up the house finance like what happens when it all comes at the same time. You know what i mean. That's what i keep thinking because a lot of issues all these people getting sick at the same time at some point is gonna come to a head. It's going to be a big logjam of people being like. I can't afford this. I can't afford them. Medical desert number one cause of bankruptcy in america and debt in bankruptcy is a no more divorces sheet people fucking up they whole laws just to be like i. Mom used system works. Okay okay. good luck. A lot of people thought that to you didn't die. You still got to deal with all this other shit. Why are you going through it. Motherfucking the insurance company. Don't get your client. Yeah i just been a hundred days on a ventilator thrown them they ain't trying to hear it and gave it we pay for the first two thousand five or they stop lympstone anything past that you right and how much the battery check. Check free ninety nine. How much free. Okay free everywhere. You don't have to pay for it. You don't even need insurance. It just made sense what people are people taking knee less risk right now and. Actually this is why Voting matters because you get the right people in office. Guess what you can get a free healthcare for all but You actually get the right people in office. But we ain't got that so. This is the system that we got because we live in america and yeah we know. That's the one thing about capitalism day not going continue to pick up the cost madison cawthorn. Who's a congressperson from our state. Very gerrymandered state The district if you see what his fucking district looks like it's fucking ridiculous anyway. Khurana buyers cases on the rise and month luggage slammed accounting's new school mass mandate keep in mind. We have a republican democratic governor. So he is. I Yeah we we we. We allow people did mass mandates where fighting grotto virus. Like he's not with these. I mean to see it right but madison on basically route up the local school district his area until a frenzy. And damn now got the fucking school board overthrown over mask. Some people tried to depose the school board now. They didn't do it in there any form. That's legal right but they did hold you accountable because you knew it was wrong. You knew never withstand the scrutiny of the public. I've witnessed swampy backdoor tactics from corrupt bureaucrats in washington. Dc but what you have done here today puts that all to shame you have sacrifices. Social emotional and psychological development of our children on the altar of woke kness. This school board has out of wellness. Why people have really taken that were is. There's now and you say to people in the background. These are old unmasked overweigh white people with t shirts on talking about a mascot kids in all this shit like this is such a weird stands for them kogas right up their with down no right to rip personal responsibility away from the hands of its citizens. The family should always come before the government. You do not know better than the parents in my district. You do not have a right to slammed mandates upon children a bunkum county that fly in the face of scientific reasoning the greatest threat to our children today does not come from covert nineteen take comes from local liberal government officials like you anyway. You get the gist right. So he rows up this crowd of people and later the they have a school board meeting. Which is everyone is doing. and of course you know. The republicans are rallying people around critical race the mass mandates so now.

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