Rachel Scott, West Palm Beach Florida, President Trump discussed on News, Traffic and Weather


Rachel Scott is in west Palm Beach Florida as president had to clarify where he has stood on this first he said that he would not comply with Congress he stood by that decision and then after taking some heat and getting some more questions about this he has appeared to walk this back he says he would now will be any subpoena issued to him but insists that the focus should be on president trump's conduct not his and following a major winter storm barreling through the heartland at this hour delivering dangerous ice punishing wind and heavy snow you're listening to ABC news with the stock market at all time highs cashing your profits now invest in an asset that can potentially pay for up to twenty or more years that's the sound of a producing oil well and the sound of a smart investment if you aren't as easy to find accredited investor you can take advantage of encore energies projects call now to learn how you can potentially achieve twenty or more years of income and deduct one hundred percent of every dollar invested against all forms of income call one eight hundred eight oh three eighty five eleven invest in your future and by oil encores drilling in an area that is potentially one of the most prolific horizontal oil plays in the entire country oil prices are projected to rise so you need to own a piece of an oil field on core energy is the most active oil and gas operator in its core area of operations call now and learn how to deduct one hundred percent of your investment and create twenty or more years of potential monthly income call one eight hundred eight oh three eighty five eleven you'll be calling directly to the home office of encore energy that's one eight hundred eight oh three eighty five eleven on a does not involve a high degree of risk and actual results may very the wildfires in Australia expected to continue thousands of koalas along parts of the New South Wales coast feared killed over the past few months.

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