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How how would that play in los angeles. How would it play in returning. He did no he did do a good job terrific coming stability to penn state who basically took them took it to next level. I don't know on once since. I think if usc 'cause i'm sure he is he's already had you know an impressive start. Everybody who's been the offense coordinator at alabama has been wildly successful. So you think you'd expect he will be my guess is if they end up with him as the head coach and this is. I don't want this to come out. Like i'm like. He's not a legit. You know credible coach but if they end up with him i i suspect there's been some other people who either t- turned it down weren't interested or they just didn't think they were a great fit. You know like the fact that he he was you know had some success as the head coach that houston texans i you know and he has built bella moth stamp of approval and now he's there with next save and you know that's all good. I think it's probably you know relatively safe. If you start getting into like oh is it gonna be him or you know pj slack. I mean i would guess so. Know bill ryan would probably would probably played better in terms of what. Us's fan base would think. But i think if they get to that point. I think there would be a whether it'd be very much a wait and see and i don't wanna say it'd be underwhelming higher too. That's not fair to say it that way. But i just think that right now You know we'll see we'll see. How much interest get at usc. But at the same time usc has ended up with some very very suspect Hires since p tara laughed. So who knows what they're gonna end up with how much they love in this in the athletic department in westwood. Right now bruce what do you think yeah probably got a better time to be a bruin because you know chip kelly. Just be lsu and they kinda whip them when they did it man. So there's a lot of enthusiasm and excitement for where they're at at this point It's quite a one eighty. And i think if you are honestly if you're if you're usc. I don't know how you look at the situation and go. Yeah i wouldn't. I would rather have what they have to we. Have you know right. now i'm talking. I'm bruce. I'm talking hoops to i mean what are your you know what i mean like I'm talking hoops. To and i'm talking about what's going on in football with chip kelly and you know the jordan brand upgraded the wasserman centers. Where like a lotta. Nfl guys trained there on the season. A lot of really positive things that have happened about like you know. Honestly at this point like ucla. Athletics has become cool again Because the final four run and certainly because of the buzz around the football program after that win it was one win. Not like it's been you know it's not it's not like it's been they just won the pac twelve title. But i think there's a lot of enthusiasm around. Ucla in ways that it hasn't been for a long long time because even when they were good with maurice jones drew got reggie bush across. Now you know. That's not the case right now like usc the mess. This isn't like oh yeah. Jd's always maurice jones. At the time. I guess he was over there going but you had you and and what they were doing now. It's only ucla. That has some buzz last one four years there were some other hot seats. Beginning to to boil get hotter and college football reserve up at lsu. That's a rough start for odor on. I think he needs to. He needs to get the offense and the offensive line going..

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