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Minutes away then mason you have more to help people pick a winner i do my you covered mike smith's victory and prairie bayou in nineteen ninetythree but let's not for your hobby our cost alonzo to wins last year in cloud computing and what about bernie didi is very first try this race in two thousand six now it's been pretty well covered on the trainer side with babar to d wayne lukas the of six wins apiece but what about chad brown he had cloud computing he's one for one at johns service smarty jones two thousand four he's won the one so there's more angles in this race to all there you go good luck to all indeed john service chad brown perfect one of them is going to have to maybe both of them both of them have a blemish on the record after this one here today but they're hoping for an upset they are and the better is believed the chad brown has the better chance good magic currently five to one and nineteen to one odds though for john services entry diamond horses have completed the post ray they are making those final preparations before they go post word and just a few minutes are tom leetch is trackside he got a good look at all the contenders tom the only thing i noticed was that there was a little sweat between the legs and under the saddle towel for bravados it's humid day for some horses that can be a common occurrence but generally i think it's regarded as an as negative sign that the horses maybe a little over hyped if you will and speaking of over hyped the biggest upset by seed in the history of the ncaa tournament was produced by this community back in march maryland baltimore county became the first sixteen seed to oust a one seed virginia from the nc double a tournament right now the longest shot on the board is tenfold at twenty four to one if he should win that would be the biggest upset breaking the record of master derby in the history of the previous night well some things to watch for as we get closer to post on kurt tenfold very very talented runner likely race we touched on him earlier he is.

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